Breathlessness worsening

Keep getting so breathless , which is just getting worse, went back to my nurse early and had my lung function done again yesterday, but didn't go well at all, as far as I was aware 5mths ago I was early stages copd, and after couple months on inhalers there was a slight improvement in tests, but yesterday my nurse said it was all to pot all my readings where bad where it had put me at stage 3, I have now to try and get sputum sample to send away, that's easier said than done, as it's not very often I can get this up, my oxygen level still sits between 95-97, I feel my chest is sore more so than usual but Dr always says sounds clear, although it's been worsening or getting flare ups more often the last few days have been pretty awful where I've ended up in bed by mid afternoon or before, I've recently started taking champix to help me stop smoking does anyone know if this can affect my lungs in such a way? I do feel like I have a chest infection, sorry for long post, 😥

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Mmm certainly sounds like an infection Kirsty, though your GP says not. I would try and get a sputum sample off asap. I know it's not always easy to produce one, but do your best! Sorry can't help re champix but someone will be around who can. Well done on giving up smoking, the best thing we can do for ourselves. Hope you feel better soon. Xx

This time of year i find the pollen makes me so sob. I cannotvfind any other reason for it

I'm assuming that you've cut down/recently stopped smoking?

The sudden absence of nicotine does sometimes manifest itself in strange ways, when stopping smoking it takes time to get rid of all the chemicals and during that time you MAY feel really bad ... if that's the cause then you can look forward to it getting much better quite soon.

The change in lung function can be caused by the lungs reacting (short term) to the missing chemicals or any one of many other reasons.

Whatever the causes I wish you all the very best (and well done with the cigs!)

In my early days of copd I was in a real mess. I had given up smoking at the time of my being diagnosed with copd. But I was getting an excerbation at least once a month and could hardly climb one flight of stairs. Long story short - antibiotics stopped infections and exercise got me going. Pulmonary rehab helped enormously and I have exercised ever since. There were times I just wanted to curl up and give up but I managed to keep going. Some ten years later I'm still on antibiotics and still going to the gym

I generally find if you feel you have chest infection, then you do! When ya tired, rest! Don't beat yourself up about resting! Power naps are good! I've never smoked so don't know about coming off cigs but it's got to be the best thing ever!! Good luck and happy breathing!!!

Wish I had a reading of 95-97

Hi Kristy. I'm sorry you are poorly. Did they give you anything to take for infection? I can only imagine how hard it is to quit smoking. How long have you smoked? Do try and rest and relax as much as you can. Let us know how you are.

Sending love.

Cas xx

kirstycampbell Hi, I am currently going through a similar situation, minus Champix. I have become even more short of breath than usual over the last three weeks. My chest is sounding fine and there are no obvious signs of infection. I feel a definate tightness in my chest and it feels difficult to take a satisfying deep breath, exhausted by the least exertion. Have just had blood tests for just about everything including iron and various vitamins, hopefully we will both have an answer soon. I used Champix five years ago when I gave up cigs and had no probs,


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