Build up of mucus

Good Morning everyone, the weather is lovely but I'm suffering. I've suffered Bronchietasis and Emphysema for the last 5 years as well as other health problems as listed in previous posts.

The problem is I've a build up of mucus in my throat and I can't shift it. It's not been this bad for ages. I've tried my nasal spray, coughing, and gurgling with water but nothing. I'm puffing and panting a bit today but I've put that down to the weather.

Has anyone any ideas how to get rid of this mucus, thank you for reading.

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  • Good Morning - my husband can suffer with that and it is quite distressing.  The doctor prescribed mucodyne which has helped and he also uses saline solution in the nebuliser which also helps.  Good luck xxx

  • That's tiring and very annoying. Mucodyne, as Tadaw suggests, is good - 6 a day. Frequent sips of cold water help to break it up and then it's easier to shift. You should drink more anyway in warmer weather - it's been pouring all morning in the south-west!

    You could try a clay salt pipe. From amazon. We can get our groceries from them now - what next! It does shift stuff and I think it's quite soothing.

    Hope you get some relief x

  • Meant to say cave salt pipe - not clay. Sorry x

  • Hi I was reading on a site and they said that a flutter device is good as apparently to works on the back wall of the airways (lungs?) helping to shake excess mucus loose. .  Never tried it though.  x

  • Hi Bentleyboo,

    Was recently prescribed Carbocisteine as a mucus thinner (had some issues which I thought were related but they weren't so back on it now and just agreed a regular repeat) PLUS purchased a Flutter device from Amazon for £50something but someone found them a bit cheaper AND some said they were supplied by the NHS.

    A trip to the GP, some tablets (take a week or so to work in my case) and a Flutter device might be the solution!

    Good luck

  • Bentleyboo I've got the same problem as you my doc put me on muccodyne syrup its third the mucus down hope that helps x

  • Hi I am the same myself breathing like yours I am worried about my self I have got to go for a gastricscope procedure I feel it has been caused by the carbocisteine my doctor has taken me of them as I wake up in the morning with blood in the back of my throat I am fed up with doctors and specialists it goes on and on that my moan hope you feel better tomorrow

  • Bentleyboo,

    Ginger can loosen the mucus. Grate a fairly large size of ginger, boil it in two full cups of water until it is reduced to one cup. Strain it, mix it with honey and take in the morning instead of your usual coffee. Repeat this in the evening as well. If you can chew raw ginger and gulp down the juice, it will do wonders.

    Best of luck


  • Look up Internet on how to breath to expel mucous. There is a good video. Also vital to have the skills of respiratory Physio to show you how to breath to get mucous up. I use a nebuliser twice daily and it helps. I have one at home - be good if you have one also. if not ask the hospital consultant and lung function lab asap.

  • Hi. I find anti histamines help. Perhaps you could ask your doctor if they might help you too? Sounds like our problems are similar. Hope you find a solution soon.

  • Have you tried a flutter?

  • If I manage to stick to a routine of saline nasal wash in the morning and steam with Olbas (in one of those cups with a bit that covers the nose and mouth) in the evening, it greatly reduces the mucus. Also, for me, keeping off sugar and dairy. I don't know if you have any allegies?

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