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Omega 3 fish oil for ecoptic heart beat & arrithmia.

Hi,last year I was put on fish oil capsuals by a consultant who said they may help keep lnflamation down in my arturies,I was attending his clinic because after a number of years on statins I was having trouble,no energy,short of breath,dizzy,my doctor tried a few different statins & lower doses but after a couple of weeks back to were I was with them,so he sent me to see this particular consultant.The only reason that I realised it was the statins 40 mg atorvastatin was I ran out of them for a week or so,back on them @ problems again. I am type two diabetic,have a cataract in one eye,brother & sister not diabetic nor do I remember our parents being so.Back to the fish oils,I told him I had been taking cod liver oil tabs for years not these he said,Omagor they certain reduced my attacks of ecoptic heart beats & arrithmia.

I was on these capsuals till I went into hospital with unstable angina & heart consultants stopped them as they thought they had no proven good for heart attack patients.

My own doctor would not prescribe these capsuals without a hospital  consultants say so,one consultant starts,one stops.

This was early September 15, by December 10th a date I remember as I had an appointment with a heart consultant,ecoptic heart beats kicked off that day, I cannot remember when I ran out of the Omagor as I had some in hand & got a prescription from my doctor before he got the letter from the hospital.

The attacks got worse &a day after Boxing Day I was standing at the toilet ecoptic heart beat started & I blacked out & went back onto a linen basket,this was all in seconds,good job I was not on the stairs.

I bought some Nordic fish oil off the internet &a about one month later the attacks were reduced,I am not saying complete stoppage but I was not as aware of them.

I went on line &found a research about these fish oils & told the heart consultant about it & the difference in my condition. Last month he put me back on them.

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That's great that the fish oil's helping.

Are you taking ubiquinol as they're meant to support your heart? Especially for anyone on statins.



Hi moody girl,I am not on statins any longer, I was really ill on them,I had been on them for years with no affect then just started to feel ill.I feel it is statins that caused my type 2 diabetics ?.I am on a trial injection every fortnight,consultant who put me on Omacar 1g knew about this trial & thinks I must be on the drug as he said he wished he could get his hands on it for his other patients.


Statins are a massive con trick by Big Pharma in conjuction with the Medical profession and should be avoided at all costs. Proven side effects include chronic joint problems, diabetes, early onset dementia, glaucoma, erectile dysfunction and breathing problems. Launched on the back of minimal, selective research and designed to control arbitrary levels of cholesterol, the mistaken hypothesis was that too much cholesterol caused heart attacks, therefore statins would control this. At best this research is unproven, at worst many believe it is mass medication on a previously unheralded scale to promote the profits of Big Pharma.

Try reading "The Great Cholesterol Con" by Malcolm Kendrick. It is a really eye-opening look into the cynical collaboration of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries.

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