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I have Copd , bronchiectasis , Obstructive sleep apnoea and a few more health problems, but the good news is after sending my DLA / PIP form off, from start to finish it took 4 months, I received my notification this morning for both enhanced  components of PIP it seems a long time to have you hanging on this long, but  to anyone in this position I wish you luck. 

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  • Congratulations. I hope they back dated it from your date of application 😃

  • Hi peege I was still on DLA it was just the not knowing you cannot help but worry they don't seem to care the extra strees doesn't help it so harmful thanks 

  • good for you. I'mso pleased for you

  • Thanks very much but we shouldn't have too 

  • Congrats - you so rightly deserve it.

  • Thanks very much but we shouldn't have too 

  • Think it's important that successes are posted - like yours mine went through "on-the-nod" so sometimes they system does work - in fact in around a third of applications it works (first time).

    Pleased for you - well done!

  • Thanks very much but we shouldn't have too 

  • Oh please share this good new with Fantasy3 as she has just been turned down and wants to give up .

    Its crazy that we should congratulate you for what is rightfully yours but well done i know its a huge relief getting this 

  • Have sent to fantasy3

  • Oh that's good, and no doubt a huge weight off your mind.

  • Thanks absolutely to much stress  

  • Thanks very much but we shouldn't have too 

  • Thanks very much but we shouldn't have too 

  • well done glad you got it

  • Congratulations , as I understand it that is a quick result for these type of claims. You'll get it back dated so enjoy the extra towards your disability costs of living.

  • well done my first claim for dla took 13 months and I was turned down I then put in a claim for pip it took 3 months and I was awarded low rate.

    They are awarding people for 3 years and doing the re- assessment after 2 years the system doesn't work and never has they are still wasting public funds on these private firms doing the assessment's our lungs will never get better

    its just a total waste of money and more stress for us the money that is wasted on this could go to the NHS

  • Well done lyndene and congratulations for getting what you deserve. Perhaps you should let all the people on this forum have a copy of your claim form (haha) you obviously filled your form in well. Did you do by yourself or did you have help from a disability group? Great news x

  • With the help of my wife, as you know everyone is different thanks 

  • Well done - congrats Lyndene x

  • Thank you ,very stressful 

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