POLICE at GP's Practice

POLICE at GP's Practice

As I sat waiting to see my doctor my gp's was a hive of police activity that spilt out onto the street.

I could not help wondering what had gone on AS I sat waiting .. anyway today I could guess as I received letter from ATOS inviting me down for one of there famous assessment.

GOSH how lucky I thought AS I might be seen by my own GP or NURSE practiceshoner doing a bit of moon lighting " well that's latest DWP trick recruitment drive' 

Since when as been attending aGP's practice been part of any fitness test.

As that's what I found myself talking to nurse practitioner about WHEN I requested gp's letter requesting home visit by ATOS ******'s 

But that was only HALF of SHOCK to come as she told me it would cost £40 for such a letter from my gp.

One can't help thinking about why police was at my gp's practice and if DWP have told doctors to put prices sky high for DWP letter's 

If it is ...Totally disgusting behaviour from so called health care professionals when it comes to treating supporting most vaunrable disabled.

So is it any wonder police was there.

I thought supporting treating sick & disabled was what any civil society dose .. Looks to me like I was wrong.


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Awful, they won't stop until they have finished us all off x

Defo agree there 

What have you been up to now JAS? Police at the surgery - have heard it all now. :)

I must say that £40 for a letter is a total rip off though. Not good and it seems as if nobody cares much about people with disabilities who don't actually have lots of money either. What is this country coming to?

You take care. xxx

Hi I don't have to worry bout letter doctor said is not doing one .. Also nurse doctor confirmed the do moon light for atos.

Anyway am going to get em on discrimination and conflict of interest if the don't give me one.

Is criminal things think they can do GUESS there needs are more inprotant than mine  

The Guardian article sums it up in a nutshell , just a few things I would point out in the article, you don't have to be able to vacuum the money is to pay a cleaner to do it for you. Just because you arrive by car does not mean you can walk comfortably, just as coming by public transport does not describe the difficulties you have doing this. Until we eliminate the tick box attitude of examiners, they will continue to take benefits from the vulnerable, including the very sick. Thanks for the link

Hi katie. If you read the bumph which comes with the PIP application, hidden in there is the statement that the money is to get someone to help look after your personal needs, which means dressing showering etc. It then says that it is not for employing someone to do domestic tasks such as cleaning the house. My own daughter did not believe this until I showed her. This is totally bizarre as anyone knows that keeping the house clean is essential, so how, if we can't dress ourselves, do they expect us to do it! slaps forhead in exasperation. xx

Yes it is exasperating, because if you try to get household assistance they tell you you must use your PIP,DLA, or attendance allowance to pay for it. If you have a chest problem it is medically unsuitable for you to be vacuuming. The assessment is supposed to assess how your illness affects your personal daily living, in theory I add. In practice any thing can be used to prevent you getting the money, nothing to do with health needs really is how it comes across. I can't carry a cup and saucer, but am expected to carry my shopping so understand your frustration, mine is much the same  xx

Hi Katie, I guess tick boxing is cheap and suppose they think it is an objective way of assessment .....but life is not like that...everyone is different, not part of a machine.

I think those who hold the purse strings should learn a bit of humility...no one is immune from illness, an accident can happen in a split second. Maybe they have enough of a comfort cushion of wealth behind them not to worry.

Yes I totally agree, even the money people get only covers a few hours a week care help. No one knows what tomorrow holds, illness has no wealth boundaries or accident it can happen to anyone at anytime. 

Hi Katieoxo that's what I told nurse today about car and attending doctors dose not mean your fit and well.

Anyway she was apost to show me how to use new inhaler and when I said sure I am agrived she refused to see me so had to see other nurse.

So much for health care eh and trusting em with your life 

My Gp showed me how to use my inhaler& the chemist. Maybe you might get on better with a different nurse. Most people only attend the doctors if they feel ill. Admittedly some of us have to attend for management of chronic illness, but all that shows is that maybe our treatment is working to control the symptoms does not mean we don't have the illness or that we are fit & well as you say. There is the problem that some medics do care and some just see it as a good profession afraid we can't change that...... 


You could try asking your consultant or respiratory nurse for a letter. In my experience they do not charge. When I need one I usually ask my hospital respiratory nurse practitioner and she writes a letter to update my GP as to the current state of my lung health and sends me a copy. It worked for me.

Hi Toci I wish I had time to get letter of lung doc ATOS give me just over week before appointment. 

Very interesting article.  The bit that had me choking on my tea ... fraud cost 50p per £100 of old DLA, whereas inventive expenses claims by MP's meant they had to repay over £1m!!  (Most still have their jobs too! Hmmm.. 😡)

Thanks Daz 

Tee x

I've just had to pay £30.00 for my daughter to have a chance of a home assessment as she cannot get to Cambridge and I'm to ill to take her 😥

a42h, I've never heard of having to pay for a PIP home assessment but I may be wrong? What a total cheek- almost beyond belief. It makes me SO ANGRY.

Hi A42h seems is common theme these day's ... 

Well on the plus side we have managed to get my daughter a home visit 20th may fingers crossed that goes well, on the 21st may my oldest son has to have a medical to see if he's fit to learn to drive, due to his medication he takes at night for depression and sleep problems Zopicolone & something beginning with M lol memory not good this morning

When did our governments learn how to get it all so wrong? The report sickened me - it's just not right!

Hi y_not defo second that 

When I go to see my consultant I am copied in on all the paperwork. I keep all of them even the appointment letters, when I applied for attendance allowance I sent copies of all these letters over the last three years. They didn't have to speak to GP or consultant or Dietician it was all in front of them .  You can ask at hospital for you to be copied in on all correspondence.

Hi cheers yer am wise to atos is dirty tricks so sent DWP all copies of my letters diagnosis .. DWP said the not interested in investigations just hard diagnosis.

Be nice if suffering was just as simple.  

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