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Loosing phlegm and mucus in back of throat

I, too, have had many years coping with thick mucus in top of my throat.  I have it to some degree constantly but it becomes much worse after a cold or viral infection.  Post nasal drip is the culprit and anything I can do to help this is beneficial:  (1) Sinus rinse with netie pot, (2) a nasal spray containing cortisone.  These are over the counter now and there is a new one called Rhinocort which I have just started using.  It will take several days or weeks to see a benefit from this but it does help.  Also, drink lots of fluids, and try this:  Take a bath (a shower works but the bathtub is more conducive to this) in medium warm to hot water.  Take a bath cloth and dip it in the warm water then hold the cloth with both hands over the nose and mouth.  Take a deep breath inhaling the warm moist air through the cloth, hold for 2-3 seconds, and exhale forcefully through the cloth with it still held to your face.  Dip the cloth again in bathwater to keep it warm and moist and repeat the process several times.  This starts the loosening process and you will have to cough several times throughout to extract some mucus.  One session of this may not be enough so do again in the evening.  Any progress is good.  I prefer this method to inhaling steam and you aren't subjected to the hot steam on your face.  I hope this helps.

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Hello, welcome to the site and thanks for the advice. Helping each other through personal experience is what we are here for. :)


Hi and welcome I had that problem last year before I was told I had copd it was that bad it would block me from breathing but I stopped smoking and have not had any that again I will remember your post if it returns thank you


I have had less of this problem since I was prescribed Carbocisteine (think that's right :) )


Pineapple is very good for mucus works for me 


Yes, I have heard that before and I will try. Thank you 1hopefuture.


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