Old chair causing me pain!

Advice for best place to buy a manual recliner chair that deliver to a first floor flat that is fitted with a stairlift. Looked on internet and deliveres seem to have problems say they don't have insurance we had trouble with a washer delivery so sent them away. Don't want the mobility shop we had one off them and wasn't worth the money we paid. Looking for the cheapest but comfort if possible hope someone can advise. Hope you are all feeing good and thanks .

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  • Hi imelda, I have a friend who lives in a second floor flat, no lift. She recently bought a recliner from SCS & they were marvellous. You just have to tell them about where the recliner has to be delivered & they take that all into account. She says they couldn't have been more helpful. 

    Hope you manage to find one 🌷

  • " Hello to you Imelda....I am adding a link for you to take a look at.... Regarding recliner chairs.... I bought mine from Amazon and they do deliveries too. The chair I have added for you to look at...Is just one to give you some ideas....there are loads to look at...wishing you the same luck I had with them....And I am hoping I have been of some help to you too...Megan."


  • Hi megan got in touch with Amazon about stair problem and they passed my email on to sonic who they deal with on recliners and they will not enter the flat due to insurance policy they hold. So no good to me we have had this problem before but their loss . Shame cos I had my eye on the Madison and we need two not to worry and thanks from Imelda x

  • Have you talked to careco.co.uk ? I have bought my mobility scooters from them and whilst this is not what you are after I have found them VERY helpful.

  • Thanks jessy and Megan both sound good the funny thing is Megan I picked one from Amazon well got stuck for choice but the company was sonic and it was there do and don't that said about the delivery problem. So will have to email information I think about stairlift.

  • Hi Imelda, I would suggest you contact Amazon with a feedback about delivery problems as it might make them change their approach. In the meantime I would enquire at different companies to find one who will deliver upstairs, after all beds have to go upstairs in normal houses don't they ??? I know sometimes you have to pay extra for this but there are companies who do it. Good Luck

  • Thanks Katie for advice it was Amazon that passed my email on to supplier so they will know the outcome and I have had lots of things delivered such as beds settee and all furniture when we moved in which was 16 yrs ago. But this stair lift seems a problem for some but not others so will have to keep looking. I'm being lazy and trying to avoid the sales pitch they use in store and with the 02 24/7 haven't got the energy needed to look around.

  • try HSL chairs they maybe able to help had a lovely bed from them which was very reasonably priced and is great - good luck let me know if it helps thanks xxx

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