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Things are look better

I have been away for a bit doing this and that and feeling a little better than I did I am walking a lot better now and for a lot longer me and my wife went to Oxford what a nice place befor I had known it I had walked for miles stopping every now and then (still get out of breath ) but it felt good  it was the going back that got me  but I just about made it my copd is still there I know I will never get rid  but with  the help of my wife and my daughter it does not seem so bad  I am off fishing next month for a week down Oxford first time in over a year so I hope every one is  fine as can be  be good  ED 

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Hello Ed. I'm Cas and I'm new to this forum. I am so glad you are feeling better. I hope you have a wonderful time fishing! 

Cas xx 🐡


Thank you for your reply caspiana I have been on this forum off and on for some time I find the people on here are very helpful  I have copd  along with 2new knee replacements  I stopped smoking over a year now after been in hospital with shortness of breath and almost did not make it  but now I do feel  a it better  take care ED 


Hi Ed, that's great you're getting out & about. Exercise is the best thing for us. 

Hope you enjoy your fishing trip. Let us know how it goes & bring us back a photo of your catch! 😂

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Good news - glad to hear that you getting about a lot better.  Long may it continue!  lots of love xxx


Good news Ed and hope you keep enjoying life, especially the walking and fishing.

Oxford is a lovely City and nice place to visit. Take care xxxx


Hello Edtongue1 and after all you've been through recently, it's fantastic to know you are out and about and enjoying life. Yes you have COPD, but that doesn't mean you can't do things- like planning your fishing trip for one example. Never give in ! Have lots of wonderful days with your family and friends.


Thank you all for the replys it's nice to know there are people who care out there I have been feeling a little better of late and I know there are people out there not so good I wish them well and take care  ED 


Hey Edtongue1

Well done keep at it. I bet you sleep like a baby!! Exercise and diet is the most important thing for us with COPD. Take care. 💕💕💕


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