Apologies for this delicate subject

I know this should probably need to be posted on another link but I thought I'd ask my friends on here first ,

I need the help of probably female members today ,,,,I'm  due to be having an operation ,,,,at the moment I'm in considerable pain and discomfort,,,,a side effect of the problem is severe constipation,I was prescribed lactaloose but so far it's not helping very much ,,,,so has anyone got a reccomendation for an alternative.

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Prunes or prune juice.

Hi thanks for that ,I'll try adding some to my  breakfast of grapefruit and mandarins ,hopefully it will get things moving ,haha

I don't know what medication you are on, but there are many that you must not have grapefruit with.

" Yes!..... Your so right Azure..... My Dr gave me the same advice regarding grapefruit and medication. I  Know Statins for one... is a No... No with Grapefruit....Another thing that's a massive No No..too is."Nothing to do with humans"...but as like me.... Your a dog lover too...." Grapes are Very TOXIC!!.. To dogs" As are dry fruit and raisons too....just added that with you mentioning what not to take with curtain medications...it reminded me about the grapes and dogs.....Hoping it all makes sense to you....Megan."

Got it Megannell,,,,no grapefruit for me from now on ,,,good job I'm not a dog as I eat a punnet of grapes every in a couple of days ,

" I ..well I say I...Like you I was buying for myself a couple of punnets of black grapes a week.. Not giving a thought that. Nell my border collie could reach them and help herself to them..by the time I realised..she had eaten enough to make her really ill...i nearly lost her as grapes..raisons any dried fruit is very toxic to dogs.she went into kidney failure and was very ill for a week.. Thankfully me being a Vet..i managed to save her..PHEW!! And what a relief it was too.. So now I keep them permanently in the fridge..its so easy to think because something is good for us..then its good for our dogs.. But! Wrong..same as innocent grapefruit..thats toxic to us if taken with certain medications...well done to Azure for pointing it out to us..reminding me of the grapes and nearly killing my own dog..doesn't bear thinking about..I've only just lost poor little Noah..😢...Hoping you can sort your constipation out soon....x Megan

Thanks Megan ,I will remember that ,

Thanks for the reminder Azure,,,,and your right ,note to self read leaflet with all medication ,,,,,,seems I shouldn't be having my grapefruit,,,,,

Your welcome, I can eat quite a few before they have an effect but when I tried the juice, oh my!

KIWI fruit helps with constipation, also tastes nice.

Thank you ,

Hello Nanny,I sympathise with you. What works for me is Granary bread with mixed seeds.  Oat bread with seeds too. Both are high fibre. I also use glycerine suppositories, but they may not work and could be painful. Try the bread for now and see how you go. If you have baked beans on toast that can work too.

Hubby has now gone on a mission to pharmacy for suppositories,,,,worth a try as I'm taking so much other medications including pain killers which don't help the problem,,,if I had any doubt in my mind about having the op ,,,,they have now passed ,,,

Hello. I usually make myself some chunky vegetable soup with lots of celery. It always does the trick. I'm sorry to hear you're in pain. I hope the operation goes well. Sending love and light. 

Cas xx

Tried the chunky soup last week had it for two days ,,,,,nothing moved ,,,but I appreciate your help ,

Good afternoon Georgina,

How utterly miserable, for you can't think of anything else until you have been. Dulcolax tiny yellow tablets are wonderful as a short term solution;  take either one  or two and drink plenty of water. and they work in just a few hours.

Hoping you are soon back to normal and feeling better.


Hi Jennifer ,are they the ones from home bargain ?if so  I got some of them but had terrible tummy ache ,,,,desperate now as you can tell ,,,,,I never dreamed I'd be putting a post of this nature on here ,,,but ,,,needs must ,

I got mine from either Sainsburys or Boots, little tiny yellow ones in foil and a green box.   How many did you take? One usually does the trick, two if you are very bunged up, but with two you do get griping pain - ask my Grandson!!. He says I have not got to give him any more. .  I can only think of one more or less immediate solution and it would be a suppository - ask at the Chemist?  I hope it gets sorted quickly Georgina.


Thankyou Jennifer ,hubby has been to get me some suppositories ,

I took one ,,,pain but no movement ,,,so took 2 a couple of days later ,,,,chronic pain and movement ,,,but pain toooooooo bad to do that again ,,,,,

Oh misery Georgina.  I hope something happens very soon.


Sooooo funny ,,,,definitely going to give that a try 

" Hello to you nanny.

I like you suffer with same problem...untill I started eating black grapes every day..plus Satsuma's too....about 3 per day..and touch wood..im okay and regular again..wishing you luck..Megan."

Hi ,thanks ,I eat loads of grapes ,and a glass of orange juice every day ,,,normally I'm fie ,,,it's just due to the prolapse problem ,

I've had a lifetime of constipation, tried all sorts with no real lasting success, certainly fruit and veg don't do it for me.

Lots of Vit C can help. If constipated then to get a bowel movement you can take 6000-8000mg in one dose. You can take a daily amount to bowel tolerance, build up gradually, once you've reached the diarrhoea/loose bowel stage drop back a bit. I use L-ascorbic acid powder by Nutribiotics.

Recently I have been having success with Psyllium and Apple Pectin capsules by Nutri Advanced. I don't need anywhere near what they say on the pack.

Fruit and veg  and vitamin c etc and lactaloose prescribed by GP are no help ,6000-8000mg of anything seems a lot ( do you mean vitam c or something else ,) thanks for advise 

Yes, Vit C. As a one off, to get a bowel movement, you can take a mega dose of Vit C in one dose. You wouldn't do it every day. 6000mg ascorbic acid powder worked for me, some people may need less, some people can need a bit more. Ascorbic acid is the harshest of the ascorbates and not everyone can tolerate it. There is also Vit C powder as calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate and mixed ascorbates which would be gentler on the stomach. Then there are the tablet and capsule forms.

As a supplement I take 1000mg Vit C three times daily, part and parcel of my supplement routine for hypothyroidism and low adrenal reserve. Vit C helps adrenals.

If you don't like the idea of Vit C, try the Psyllium and Apple Pectin capsules lifestyle-labs.com/collecti... I find that three capsules at night give me a bowel movement next morning with no problems.

Will do thanks for all the advise ,

Nanny1086 beetroot does it for me every time best wishes x

Thanks Titchy 

I always eat allbran even a couple of spoonfuls every day if that fails milk of magnesia but be carful it can work too much and make sure you can take it.

Thankyou ,milk of magnesia will be what I try next ,Thankyou ,

Syrup of figs used to do the trick and about four activa prune yoghurts.  Good luck xxx

Sounds like a plan ,

Jordans Bran sprinkle on cereal or on yogurt .Also Mint Green tea helps with digestion .Jeaniexx

I'm with the multi seed bread team!  Some great suggestions...but I wouldn't stray too far from home!

Hope something works for you.

Tee x

Thankyou ,seems I have a number of things to try ,,,,one at a time of course,

Oat bran in muesli, oranges, rhubarb, syrup of figs.  Again, one at a time, not all at once!

Haha I ,seriously doubt there would be a problem if I took them all at the same time ,,,,, yes ,,,the problem is that bad ,haha ,,,,,but I won't ,

I eat 3 fresh figs every day and thry work great,get them in a pkt from Tesco,usually next to all the fresh fruit.

Love figs if they're fresh ,,,tesco her I come ,,,,

Must stop now ,,, if I take all suggestions on board I'll never get off the loo ,haha 

Hope they work for you😄

It is so miserable, Nanny, makes you thoroughly toxic and out of sorts. Getting the initial job done is half the battle, I know what it feels like, (just look at the teethmarks in my bathroom door handle), Rhubarb is in season now, Syrup Of Figs, pricey but really effective, but, end of the day, if you get too bunged up for too long your surgery can arrange a community nurse to give an enema at home. Hope all goes well with this. Polly x

I'll try other suggestions like syrup of figs and or pesories,,,,and ring the surgery next week if nessasary,thanks for your help 

I don't know how much Lactulose you take per day. I use a mixed routine. Two weeks of 5 Dolcasate in two doses and 5 Senna in two doses. Then the following two weeks 50 ml of Lactulose in two doses and 5 Dolcasate in two doses. I take the large doses when I get up and the smaller doses at bedtime. The addition of grain bread and fruit loaf help. 

I am not saying that you should take the same doses. Just that this is what it takes to keep my system working.

Most importantly you have to drink at least 2-3 litres of fluid per day. It will help the lungs too.

BTW if the hospital wants you empty they generally provide two micro enemas for use at home before attending. The real beef is when they do this and ring just as the early morning one just before leaving, has just begun to work and tell you that your OP has been postponed. 

Good luck. Rib 

I've used all the lactaloose and thrown the box away ,,but I'm sure the dose was no where near 50ml,,,,but what ever it was it hasn't worked ,,,I took an entrolax 5mg last night ,,,and still nothing ,,,,

Usually I'm ok and have no problems ,,,it's just since I developed this prolapse through extreme coughing ,,,,,I think I will be ringing the GP on Monday if nothing has moved over the weekend ,,,,I must 5/6lbs heavier ,,,

Hi, you poor thing.  I don't want to worry you, could you see the GP today? Just I case something is 'bent' or twisted so nothing can get through anyway? 

Wishing you the best. P

Thankyou Im normally ok and have no problems going ,but I've now developed a prolapse due to all the coughing ,,,if nothing happens over the weekend I will see GP ,

Colonic Irrigation would work but I don't know how much it costs. Princess Diana was a fan of it. 

Edit: Colonic irrigation can be dangerous unless carried out by a qualified Health Professional. I would avoid it.

Years ago I ate half a bar of Ex-Lax. OMG the pain and the brown river. Appalling.

I shouldn't laugh ,,,,but oh how I remember my mother giving us exlax ,,,,I hi I it will be a call to the surgary next week if nothing's moved ,

Lactulose is a 'softener' so you need something else to help you go.

A whole orange, sometimes a strong espresso will do it, a laxative like Senna, some fibrogel but mix it quickly and drink down immediately while its still liquid. The lemon flavour is more palatable than the orange. Ground flax seed is absolutely the biz sprinkled on yogurt, porridge or your morning cereal. Plenty of fluids. Good luck. P x

Thank you ,I'll give the Senna a try ,

My husband's palliative care nurse advised Senekot in addition to the sachets.

Thankyou for the advise ,

Fresh pineapple works for me. You can take a large dose of Cosmocol or Movicol for faecal impaction, not so likely to cause cramps as lactulose and can be taken for chronic constipation, maybe you could get a prescription? Colpermin relaxes the bowel but probably wouldn't help until you have got going again.

If suppositories are not working you should get in touch with your surgery because a bowel blockage is something you specially don't want! 😬 Best wishes.

I've decided to ring the surgary this morning ,,,,as I don't think it's a good idea to continue like this ,

Don't usually post , just read , great for advice.  But Since I had a hysterectomy last year, I have had bowel problems,but what has sorted it out is my nutribullet.  I put in kale or greens for the veg and a pear, kiwi, figs, mango, pineapple and banana.  Not a problem since.  You don't peel anything the whole lot goes in.  Wouldn't be without it now.  Hope you are 'relieved soon'.

Hi.... As a very young nurse we were taught the following on this problem.

1.   Lots Extra hot drinks and if possible exercise. 

2. Fruit & green veg.

3. Mild laxative such as Senokot. Followed by stronger if  required.

4.  Suppositories........ Glycerine

5. Enema......soap.

A cousin had this problem when visiting us , ended up giving him a good dose of Andrews liver salts  followed by boiling hot tea. 

Now that did work. !


Hi  Thankyou  for all that ,,,hope you don't mind ,,but I've screen shot it ,so I can look again if new medication from GP doesn't help ,great ideas ,

No good on a routine basis. Year in year out though Jo. 

The problem is that so few members bother to complete their Profile so that other people know what complications someone is likely to have when suggestions are made. 

Unless someone has a properly diagnosed need for the daily use of large doses of laxatives, then they should not be used. If it is for a "one off" or occasional difficulties then the simplest and quickest way to seek qualified advise is from your nearest pharmacist. 

If it is more frequent than this then you should see a GP.

Regards Rib 

I agree ,and I gave been intouch with my GP who gas now prescribed laxido,,,,tastes vile ,,,,but so far so good ,,,he said I can take up to 8 a day if needed but said I probably wouldn't need to ,

Chicken vindaloo and a few pints of real ale always does the trick for me, but don't forget the fire extinguisher.

Beer and curry ,,,,,,,ouch 

Not many pleasures left in life, but these are 2 of them. Glad to see you're on the move again

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