๐Ÿ˜˜ The Sun,Zumba and work!

Morning all - I'm so pleased the sun is here in London maybe my breathing will be better? 

Whilst waiting to get my crb for a dream job i was offered I've been unemployed for 3 months which has been lovely in a way but now the sun is out I'm in the garden digging the weeds - omg - i have to stop for air - i don't remember feeling this out of breath in the garden - so I've decided to take up Zumba again. Two years ago i went twice weekly and am sure excercise helps it's just a huge struggle to get started.

Seeing my Copd nurse tomorrow so will ask her if I'm getting worse - she will tell me the fev etc but heck i don't understand any of it.

I've also started used a vibration excercise plate which is good for cardio and muscle strength. 

My young granddaughter keeps me fit but i struggle for my breath so much - it's a little worrying now.

I use spireva symbicort and use blue inhalers when necessary 

Any other ideas and thoughts would be appreciated 




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13 Replies

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  • Good morning pepparuby1,

    There is a fair amount of pollution coming into the UK this weekend, so take extra care, especially if you are thinking of doing some physical work outside - maybe leave it until next week....apart from this warning, try to have a good weekend.  Wouldn't you just know it, when the sun is starting to shine for us :-(


  • Thank you for that link Jennifer. Very informative. xxxx

  • there was a fair bit of polluted air last night here I gave jet some beef burgers with onions in ,

  • Don't mmzetor onions are very toxic to dogs and can compromise the immune system.   There is lots of info on human foods which are dangerous for dogs if you google it. 

  • Good Morning - This may or may not help you but I did hear on the news this morning that air pollution is high and so is the pollen today especially in London - this may impact.  In my opinion exercise is essential so please try that - there is also a pulmonary rehab course which is available in some areas (two hours, twice a week for six weeks - one hour monitored exercise and one hour information) which really helped my husband.  Also it might be an idea to see the doctor there are lots of inhalers on the market and perhaps there is another one that could help you.  My husband is on exactly the same medication but he has also started to take an anti-histamine once a day.  It might be worth asking your doctor about that - apparently 40% of COPD patients have an asthma element according the consultant but it is very difficult to determine.  The best of luck with your new job, lots of love TAD xxx

  • Thanks TAD xx

  • Try some gentle exercise to start with maybe as Zumba is very full on. My daughter used to do it and I was worn out just listening to her! Do take care and enjoy good times with your granddaughter. Wishing you well and better breathing. xxxx

  • Hello Carole,

    I went to a Zumba torture chamber last year - I didn't even last the full lesson.  Everyone looked about 16 years old and as slender as a pencil. I thought it looked like a bit of jolly fun until I realised I was about 60 years too late. Like when I joined a spinning class thinking I was going to be sitting at a spinning wheel with a pile of wool at my side and giving my hands a treat to make them nice and soft.

    heh heh.....

  • Jennifer that is so funny - my daughter went to spinning class it sounds horrendous 

    Zumba well i was the oldest in the class i think but i did keep up with the younger ones - I'm sure i can try again x

  • You did well! each to his own isn't it.  I have a huge garden that takes all my time and energy, but I also have an exercycle.... half an hour a night if I am not too knackered.


  • The thing is when i was diagnosed with Copd i had just stopped smoking and i decided to do Zumba as i love dancing - it's unfortunate that i get so out of breath now but i'll be aware of the pollution too x

  • congratulations on getting your job you wanted , exercise does help the breathing a lot ,I think after winter and not doing much spring time is a bit of a struggle as so much to do in the garden and we not been use to it for several months , hope your breathing improves as you get use to it again  just do a little bit at a time ,take care ,  

  • Hi pepparuby, I agree with the others that exercise is essential for our wellbeing. Zumba is another matter!๐Ÿ˜ฑ No way on earth could I manage it! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    My daughters in their early twenties went & they are perfectly fit but found it strenuous. 

    I'm on the same medication as you but I only attempt light exercise ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Beware of the pollution in London this weekend. Take care not to do to much outdoors if you feel your breathing is suffering. 

    Have a lovely weekend with your grandaughter ๐Ÿ’

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