Antibiotics allow gut pathogens to 'breathe' not that anyone tells us

Antibiotics allow gut pathogens to 'breathe' not that anyone tells us

Like your not telling me something I don't know ... Shame I had to learn hard way threw lack of gp doctor input esp when it comes to Streriode inhalers and maintenance antibiotics.

Few moths back I took picture of blood cells with my microscope .. In blood cells was light chains .. I shown my liver gi doc and he said O I don't know what it is.

Lot suffering later I think he knew but said nout .. So given what I now know about antibiotics and guts and inhalers could it of been candida infection in my blood.

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Morning Jeff. You were obviously awake at silly o'clock. Short answers is I don't know. Sounds as if you've been very unwell. Pribl is there are so many side effects to everything we take it's a question of how to keep breathing & stay as well as possible. Hope you have a reasonable day.

I don't know the science around all this but what you say is interesting.  I've had a series of various infections over the last months which is hard work and not going away.  I use steroid inhalers for asthma and chronic rhinitis, plus my sinuses are infected as well as chest now.  I try not to go to the doc but it gets you down.  Are you suggesting that a course of ongoing antibiotics would keep stuff at bay? Would we then get intolerant?  Just curious what might happen but would love to be well.  Was hoping for better months as summer comes. Hope you're getting well Jeff. 

no, no, he's saying the opposite, if you read the article you will see that antibiotics promote the formation of oxygen which provides an  ideal habitat for bad bacteria... but the article does not mention steroids, which is another issue I'd like to know more about. I've been refusing to take them for my COPD-ASTHMA problems, for a few years now, and my lung doctor is furious at me and may refuse to go on seeing me if I do not comply...

I am taking Azithromycin prescribed by my chest consultant - taking 2 tablets Mon, Wed, Fri. Initially had to have blood tests to see if any effects, but not now. It is not licensed, but I can't say I haven't had a chest infection, but far fewer.

Oh right, I didn't get that. Thanx.  So DON'T do the anti-b thing.  Phew and sigh.  

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