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in hospital at moment for which i thought for copd exacberation seams i have been growing some bacteria they are filling me with a antibiotic called vancomycin i have read up on this and its scarey stuff has anybody got any imformaton about this they are saying i might be able to go home today but what wll happen when im of this drip worried

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sorry cant help but hope you get home soon and recover quickly

Hello. I'm so sorry to hear you are poorly. I don't know anything about that antibiotic I'm afraid. I wish you a speedy recovery. 



Good morning billy

I'm pretty sure you would not be sent home still needing hospital treatment.  The drip was a quick way of getting a boost of antibiotics into you.  I have no information for you sadly, but just do as you are told and obviously take your prescribed medication when you go home, and ask your questions before you go. Sometimes the more you read up on something it will make you think you have everything going. I hope you have someone at home, or someone you can contact if needs be.

Sending you a little slice of the chocolate cake I made yesterday. That will cheer you up.


Sorry you are poorly I don't know about that particular antibiotic .

If any help though at our hospital, if you still need iv antibiotics they send send you home with cannula still attached then you return daily for them to be administered. 

But only if they feel you've recovered enough to do so.

I wish you well Dawnxx


Morning Billy

you are in the best place some treatments when googled are scary .Hope antibiotics are working for you  and wont be sent home until you are on the mend .Hope that is soon for you all the best


Morning billy, I'm sure the hospital will have you on the best antibiotic for your condition. They also wouldn't be thinking of sending you home unless the ab was working on your bacteria. 

Ask them all the questions you're asking us. They're the experts & you're in the best place to get information. 

I wish you well & hope you get home very soon. Take care of yourself & hope you have support when you do get home. 🌺

Hi Billy, Its been a year since I last went through a hospital stay similar to  yours make sure you get them to set up daily visits from the chest clinic nurses im not sure if my recovery would have been as good as it was without this help.

Hope you feel better soon x


Just to send you lots of love and hope you get better very quickly xxx

I wouldn't worry too much about going home.  They will ensure that you are on the correct antibiotics.  I would hate to be on IV antibiotics for too long especially one like vancomycin - my sister-in-law had a bad reaction to that. Make sure you tell the Doc's exactly how you feel so that you are not sent out too early and that your GP is aware of the that you have been in hospital on IV antibiotics.  When you get home do not be afraid of going to your GP or back to the hospital if you have any problems at any time.  Never think that you shouldn't "bother them" or that your concerns are "silly"

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