Another big thank you

To all of you who replied to my post about doxycycline and weight gain and for the really useful tips.

Freefaller, I didn't know about the vaccine and I'll ask my consultant if it's suitable for me when I see her next month.

i would just like to say how very special the people in this community are. Whether you have just a niggle, a huge problem or anything in between, there's always someone there for you. It means a lot.

Annie xx

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  • Yes so true kind genuine people always some one there it does mean a lot 


  • 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Sorry to say I had the injection as I too kept getting HI and I still get it, so it didn't work for me. But we are all different so I'm hoping it works for you. I'm now on a month of Doxycycline 3rd week in but still feel it's there just seems to make it not so severe. I just wish there was something they could do I have done sputum tests which always come back with HI take doxycycline but it doesn't work. Also had a similar AB which didn't work either. Fingers crossed for you. 

  • I know exactly what you mean Patj, when you say that you feel the HI is still there despite taking the abs.

    It seems to me that the doxycycline keeps a kind of damper on the bacteria, without actually clearing it, but I do have bronchiectasis, so I understand that I will have a mucus problem anyway.

    Just have to get on with it and hope for the best.

    Annie xx

  • Some Doc's say the vaccine wouldn't work for you if you are colonised with the virus.  One Consultant said I was colonised so not to have it another not so and prescribed the vaccine after countless courses of doxy and oxytetracycline and sputum tests to see how that was working on it.  It was working but just not well enough.  I wonder if that Doc was thinking more of cost?  If so maybe he should have thought of the cost of  the constant antibiotics.   Last Doc said yes to vaccine which seems to have worked.  You may need more than one dose and one person I know gets the vaccine, I think every year.  I think in general if you need the vaccine for travel reasons it gets repeated every 5 to 8 years to keep you "up to date". This info maybe out of date now as I am going back to the early 90's when my other half was travelling a lot with work.  I was contemplating seeing a consultant immunologist to get this sorted but there are a shortage of these here.  I think 6 in the whole of the UK and only 1 here in Wales so waiting for an NHS appointment would take a long time. I was just about to go privately when I was given the vaccine so can't tell you how much that would cost although typically a private consultation costs around £180.  Over the years I have paid  from £150 to £180 for consultations.  

  • Really interesting Freefaller. Thank you.

    I'm seeing my consultant at the Brompton shortly and will ask him if thinks that I would benefit from the vaccine. Apart from anything else, summer seems to have arrived here in London and doxy and sunshine apparently  don't mix well!

    Annie xx

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