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Any advice on how to stay germ free in public?

Hi friends! I seem to pick up illnesses every time I go to run errands. I usually just use hand sanitizer, but this seems to not be working lately. I am so sick of being sick, I am about to wear a mask and gloves every time I go in public! I just do not want people to stare. So, what is your routine to not pick up sicknesses?

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millerag75 you have my sympathy I work in a nursery with children do I would say stay away from anyone with coughs or colds I don't think there's much else you can do you can't stay in we all need the exercise and fresh air best wishes x



Some members recommend tube scarves.


I wear a mask and take vitamin C


First Defense mostly works for me. The last horrible virus I had was caught at the theatre when I had forgotten to spray it up my nose.


Hi you catch germs from touching surfaces,  touching your eyes,  nose and mouth or they get in if you are too close to infected people.   Try and follow the one metre rule that nurses do,  wear gloves,  do not touch your nose,  mouth or eyes.   As soon as you can take the gloves off,  rinse your mouth out and blow your nose.  Sometimes if germs have just enterered it is possible to flush them out this way.   I do this and it usually works.  x


wow great tips cough x

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Sound advice from coughalot.  I try and wear gloves when  I can when out shopping.



My husband and I have been taking oil of oregano and vit D. We also ensure we drink pomegranate juice (pure source). Along with the flu jab it seems to be keeping nasties away. We were on this regime way before my hubbies diagnosis of copd. Nothing is 100% reliable though. Also I would wear gloves. They used to be more common pre 70's with our twin sets!!



When flying i wear a face mask all the time as airports and planes are one of the worst places to pick up an infection. I also carry face masks in my car and if it is that time of the year for Asian flu...twice a year...i will even wear one in the supermarket. I also take huge amounts of fruit and veg daily, plus a multivitanin and have not been sick for 5 1/2 years.



This is a big problem for us I avoid going to the centre when the kids are off school I also use first defense spray up my nose


Hello. I gargle mouth wash or salt water and soap down my hands and face as soon as I get home. 

I also try to avoid crowds as much as possible. 

Hope you're having a good day. 😊

Cas xx


I use Olbas oil. I am allergic to it if I get it on my skin or breathe it in too much but I put a few spots on a tissue and just pretend to dab my nose every few minutes I find it really works especially on a plane. I don't say I never catch anything but it's not often and I find its when I forget the oil. I have told other people and they find it helps. Worth a try it's quite cheap so nothing ventured nothing gained. Keep well. Rosabeth


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