I've only gone and done it!

Went out on Saturday (taken me this long to get off my pink cloud) I drove my little car for the first time this year, with my oxygen, all by myself! Not a big deal to most I know but having been housebound and feeling pretty damn ill for so long there is now hope on the horizon. The skies the limit! Happy Bank Holiday one and all. Love S Xx

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  • Sheilab123 well done no stopping you now best wishes x

  • Thank you Titchy, I intend to make the most of it while it lasts! Xx

  • And long may it last sweetie x

  • Well done that girl !! I'm the same as you were - not having driven my little car for several months now as been poorly. Being on oxygen somehow has knocked my confidence. You're a star to get behind the wheel again and like you say, there will be no stopping you now. 

  • Thank you Squirrel, if you feel well enough do it! I have spent so much time in my recliner or hospital I didn't think I would have anything to look forward to again. I know what you mean re oxygen and I have still to go to our local town (well village really) but planning to do that on Friday with my little scooter. After all once folk have seen you that's it, and those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind! So get that confidence back and do it! Xx

  • I cannot manage driving now but did drive, on oxygen, for years. Stick your cylinder in the car and set off - don't let it hold you back. xx

  • Thanks for for words of encouragement. I5s just me being a total wet flannel about driving again. Not totally sure what stops me apart from my total lack of confidence since being very I'll a while back. Silly really. I've have decided that this summer,I'll be driving myself out and about. Just GOT TO DO IT.   Lol eh?

  • Try a short journey first, even if you don't get out of the car when you get there! Enjoy. xx

  • Go girl :)

    Ive just got back on the roads after 2 years and i was so scared i made someone drive me to the petrol station and put petrol in it........Our confidence gets such a knock being ill and gaining some independence back is the way to go .

    WELL DONE :) x

  • Well done you Mandy, I was told we can't fill up on oxy so that's a big plus! Leave that to the more able bodied. Your so right we need to keep hold of any independence we can, which in turn should boost our confidence. Happy driving! S xx

  • omg i didnt know we could fill up the car im glad you told me that x

  • Sheila, that's the best news I've read today. Good for you and may this be the start of you regaining your independence and being able to get out and about like you did before you had 02. 

  • Awe thank you BJ, I intend to make the most of it whilst it lasts! Hope you are still on the up after your rough time. S Xx

  • well done will do you good to have the independents and get out and about , I know when I had my ops was wasn't allowed to drive for 6 weeks each time I hated it car sitting there but I couldn't drive it ,

  • Thanks MM, made hubby park my car elsewhere over winter, it would have been to cruel to see it! Hope your back is mended, at least you don't have to watch it with Velvet on holiday! S Xx

  • thank you , oh she has set up a posse to keep an eye on me while she is away .

  • Great news Sheila, It must have felt ace to have got back on the road again and regained the independence that comes with it. I once had a long spell without driving and know how you must be feeling right now  :) .

    Going anywhere nice today?  :) .

  • Thanks Dall, AND I am walking a little bit further than 10yds now, not a lot but intend to. Had a lazy day at home today, but going to get said car valeted tomorrow! S Xx

  • Well done S just in time for the summer, I love getting out in my car it is the best freedom ever and it doesn't make me puff.

    Enjoy it.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Thank you Polly, as you say it's one thing we can do without feeling breathless. Even if we have to wait 5mins to get our breath back on reaching car! S Xx

  • Hi Sheila, congratulations! 👏👏 you've actually given me the boost to get out & drive again after 16 months.

     After being in hospital so long last year,it's taken a long time to get my mobility back. My confidence has taken a huge knock but I'm lucky to have family who run me around all the time. 

    I've been thinking recently that I should try to get behind the wheel again. I love the independence & think I might just make the effort. 

    I'll go out in my car with someone with me  first time back on the road, for morale! Maybe one day soon🤔

  • Thank you Jessy, just do it! Think of the satisfaction you will get, I feel absolutely bloody euphoric, and you will too. I hardly drove at all last year, like you I was either in hospital or ill, I was apprehensive but without need! I wanna hear you've done it soon...S Xx

  • Well done you. Its really hard doing things by ourselves, I felt the same last summer when I went out the first time on my mobility scooter, I felt free again for the first time in ages.

    Kim xx

  • Thank you Kimmy, your so right there is no price for freedom! S Xx

  • lovely Sheila, well done. Have a lovely summer out on your travels.xx

  • Thank you SS. I do hope to, do what we can whilst we can! S Xx

  • There seem to be a few of us all lacking the confidence to take that step towards our cars/scooters etc and be mobile again. What a shame we all don't get together and do a convoy!! I didn't realise just how many of us are in the same predicament. 

  • You're right SquirrelsHolt, there probably are a lot of us scared to just take the plunge to get back behind the wheel. 

    I'm not on oxygen, it's my mobility that's an issue. I'm just scared my legs are not strong enough. They will be, it's just in my imagination! I'll attempt it one day soon, I promise! 😄

  • Jessy11, you will get there. Time seems to go so slowly when there's something you really want to do, but just manage IIT right now. I totally understand that feeling of legs giving way too. I've started PR classes so that I can become more mobile and its really helping with my kegs. Where I'd been unwell and basically not moving around much(apart from going to the bathroom!), my legs just had no strength. However its amazing once you start a few simple exercises, how the old legs feel a bit stronger. Baby steps-literally !!! Excuse any typo errors as I've just broken my reading glasses.

  • Thanks so much for the encouragement! I'm determined to get back on the road soon! 👍 It's exactly as you describe it about my legs but they're so much stronger than they were a year ago, so no more excuses from me! 🙄 😂😂

  • Well done as you say sky is the limit and hope you continue as the summer is just round the corner I have my oxygen all the time in my car 

  • Jimmy123, great to hear you are driving without any problems. Do you use oxygen cylinders or a portable concentrator when you drive? 

  • Potable airsep focus I keep in my glove compartment and big concentrater at home which am on at home for 16hours at 2lt per minute love the little machine great

  • I'm going to google your airstep focus which fits in your glove compartment ! Really ? I'd be so impressed if you're not joking with me. Never heard of it. 

  • Jimmyg23, just read up on the BLF site about the airsep machine and can't believe how good it is. I'd honestly never heard of anything like it. Well worth the money. May you enjoy your days driving!

  • Thank you Jimmy, will have to pick your brains re portable, I'm on oxy 24/7 and only have cylinders for out and about, which don't last long. S Xx

  • The air sep focus is for if you are on two ltr per minute if you are on any higher you will need another portable which there are around especially inogen3 which is a nice machine which is not to heavy 

  • Thanks for that Jimmy, yes I'm on 1lt pm 3 when mobile, will have a look on line now Xx

  • There are plenty about the airsep focus good little machine but are 2 Lt on  a pulse flow which may suit you but ask your respiratory nurse if you can use pulse flow and if so there are plenty around but focus is the smallest which could fit your hand and comes with two battery's which last 1 and half hours each and can be charged in your car or at home that is why I keep mine in the car

  • Well done and enjoy!x

  • Thank you Toci, so far so good! S Xx

  • Hello Sheila. Good for you. Well done. That is an amazing achievement. Just do what you can when you feel you can. Love yourself. xx

  • Thank you Caspiana, you are so right, pacing myself was never a strong point, but I am learning! S Xx

  • Very good keep fighting just do not give in 

  • Thank you David, I'm no quitter! S Xx

  • Nice to hear it 

  • Well done Sheila there will be no stopping you now.  The world is  at your feet again.  x

  • Thanks Cough, it feels as if it is! Long may it last. S Xx

  • Well done.  Onwards and upwards!

  • Thanks FF onwards and upwards indeed! S Xx

  • Very well done to you Sheila, keep it up. xxxx

  • Thank you Sassy, I intend to and with the summer ahead may get a few good months in! S Xx

  • Wow what a lovely surprise to put my I pad on and see all your wonderful messages, you have indeed made my day! I want to reply to you all individually, but this is gonna take time, I mean I could be out and about, almost anywhere now lol! Much love to you all from the bottom of my heart. S Xx

  • hi Sheila well done must feel brilliant to get out 

    best wishes Jeaniexx

  • Thank you Jeanie it certainly was! S Xx

  • Bravo 👏👏👏, that must have given your confidence a huge boost!

  • Thank you Magpuss, there's a world out there I'd almost forgot about! S Xx

  • Amazing, well done you! No stopping you now xx

  • Thank you Diesel, yep no telling where I might be now! S Xx

  • Hello Sheila,

    What great news - now you are free to roam.  Long may it continue :-D

  • Thank you Jennifer, yes long may it continue though I'm grabbing it with both hands whilst I can! S Xx

  • Fantastic news - onwards & upwards - all best wishes Sheila x

  • Thank you Delalus yes onwards and upwards whilst we can! S Xx

  • Well done Sheilab xx

  • Thank you Barbs, certainly enjoying my new found freedom! S Xx

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