A Second Chance

Hello everyone, first I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers for me and my mom. I did go to the hospital yesterday to see her and it hurt my heart sooo much to see her like that until I almost lost my breath. I asked everyone to leave the room so that I could talk to her alone. I left with a very heavy heart, not because I thought worse of the situation but just to see her suffer like that. So this morning I called the hospital to check on her and, YES! she was off the breathing machine and talking! How wonderful is that? I just want to say that with any health situation we may have, we are not in control, we have to be thankful for the knowledge of the doctors. This is not a happy ending for my mom, its a happy second chance at life for my mom. Even though we all endure some type of illness within ourselves we are still blessed with a second chance, after all God woke us up this morning! Thank you all for your prayers, and I will continue 2pray4us.

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  • Hi I am not religious but just wanted to say I am so glad she is feeling so much better.  I hope she will be out of hospital soon and back home again.  x

  • Pleased your mum is recovering x

  • God is good all the time, all the time God is good. 

  • THE POWER OF PRAYER so pleased your Mum is recovering 


  • Very well put. Glad your Mum is feeling better 

  • So pleased to hear your mum is feeling a little better, I hope she continues to do so. Take care xxx

  • So glad to hear of the improvement in your Mom.  Whenever I have any problem - health or otherwise - I just turn it over to God and He takes over.

    Love to you both


  • Wow - that is fantastic news - the power of prayer - will continue sending mine for you both xx

  • I wish you and your dear Mum all the very best of everything. It's good to see you being so optimistic again.


  • Excellent news and an answer to prayers.

  • Wonderful news about your mom. Keep up the good work. I too am very happy and grateful to have been given another day with my family and friends.


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