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Good afternoon everyone. I thought that having severe copd was the most  devastating thing in my life, but on Thursday evening I received a call that my mother had stopped breathing. There was nothing I could say, and more there was nothing I could do. I couldn't run out in to my car and rush to the hospital or even run to my neighbors. All I could do was cry and pray, while trying to call someone to pick me up and take me there. I had just seen my mother that afternoon, maybe 3 hours before this, we live 2 doors away from each other, she was fine, what happen! I couldn't figure it out. She is still in the hospital on the breathing machine but she is responding more. So today I am going up to see her for the first time. My family don't think its good for my health to see her, but I need to see her. I pray to God to go with me so that he can hold me if I cant hold myself and to give me the strength I need to face what I'm about to see. Please keep my mom and me in your prayers.

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  • Aw ,so sad ,life can be cruel xx

  • Thinking of you. X

  • I'm so sorry to hear your Mum is very poorly in hospital. It's good news that she's responding to treatment. She will be getting the best possible care. 

    Personally I think it's better you see your Mum for yourself then you won't just imagine how she's doing. 

    We will all pray for you, of course, & keep you in our thoughts. 

    Let us know how things go with your Mum & take care of yourself. 💐

  • My prayers are with you all.  x

  • Dear God i pray for you God to give you strength and protect your

    health at this stressful time. I pray for your mum that God gives wisdom to the medical team that looking after your mum. Lastly I ask for God's healing power on your mum. Mums are so precious. 

  • My prayers are with you and your mum, I do hope things work out for you both. Lots of loving hugs to you both xxx

  • Thinking of you and praying for your mum god bless to give you the strength you need best wishes x

  • Don't imagine the worst.  I'll keep you in my thoughts until we hear from you to say your mum is feeling better.


  • Our thoughts are with you,I hope they will give you the strength you need.

  • Thinking of you at this difficult time. Take care

  • 2pray, you will both be in my thoughts and prayers--Very rough for you--Im so sorry--I lost my mom 9 years ago--and miss her everyday--so I hope you get to keep yours and can maintain your health to support her--Hugs, MmeT

  • Thoughts are with you xx

  • Prayers with you and with mum, praying for recovery xx

  • Wishing both of you all the best.

  • Prayers are with you Xx

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family 🙏🏽 xx

  • Thoughts and prayers are you you and your family.

  • Just said a prayer for you and your mum.  Thinking of you. Love Moi xx x

  • I add my prayers and good wishes. xx

  • Prayers for you and for Mum xxx

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • My prayers are for you and your Mom.

    God Bless and give you both strength!


  • Praying for both you and your Mum, 2pray4us.

  • Prayers for you and your Mum.🙏💜💐

  • Prayers and good wishes for you both. Take care x

  • I'm thinking of you and hope your mum gets better x

  • aw so sad you will be in my prayers .God Bless xxx

  • Sending healing prayers for you both xx

  • God bless you at this  time ,my heart goes out to you ,you will both be in my prayers ,x

  • I'm sorry to hear your  mom is in hospital I'm sure your mom would love to see you and it would put your mind at rest take care you are in my thoughts

  • We all will pray for you and your mother. God bless you.

  • My prayers and thoughts are with you.

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