Can anyone tell me if a green inhaler containing Salmeterol 50 micrograph, one puff twice a day is a large dose. I was diagnosed with COPD last week and my Dr didn't tell me much not even what stage I was and at the time I did not know that even existed. I was told my lungs are equivalent to a 79 year old. I have tried looking it up on the Internet with no luck so far.

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Would 'normal' equate to mild COPD do you reckon?


Level of COPD is decided  by spirometer test.

Would seem if you are on a low dose then you are possibly mild. Can only be confirmed by your GP or Respiratory Nurse.

Hi I agree with the others.  You do have a right to know your stage so why not ring your surgery and ask?   x

I work in a prison and so am unable to take my phone into work, that makes contacting my Dr's quite difficult unless I take time off just to call 😞

Do you work shifts? could you ring either before you start or after you finish?

No I don't, I teach so I start at 8am (before the Dr's surgery opens) and finish at 6.30 ish (after it's shut). It's a pain😀

Tracy2    You really must make an appointment with either the doctor again or the

2/2  practise nurse with a list of the questions that you need answers for.  Even if you have to wait for an appointment it will be worth it.  You say you were diagnosed with copd. what tests did you have to confirm this,

I had to blow into a device linked to a computer and then have a squirt of salamol and do the same test 15 mins later. The nurse told me not to take the salamol anymore (after paying £8 for the prescription). She said initially it was asthma. Four weeks after I was called into the Dr who said it was COPD, she said my lungs were performing as if they were 79 years, gave me the salmeterol inhaler to have twice a day, told me she couldn't tell me how long I had and that was that. So have been trying to find out as much for myself as possible since.

If it is any consolation to you my last test said lung age 118 (I am 72).  I probably do as much as an average 72 year old, live alone and go to the gym twice a week.  My downfall is walking up hills and cold winds.  The lung age is put there to scare smokers into giving up, take no notice of it.  You have to speak to the GP to find out more.  Make a list of questions to take with you.

Can you not make appointments on line if nor email the practice nurse.

Also ask the prison if you can call your GP in lunch hour they can not stop you contacting your GP.

Has the prison you work at been sold off to the private sector if so I understand they make life a little more difficult  

Yes, it's a private prison, it's not that they make it hard I just don't like using the phone, but I guess needs must! I have an appointment booked for the 20th May to see how I am getting on with the inhaler so I will write some questions down and bombard the Dr then. I will just have to try and not worry about it all too much 😀

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