My resp Dr and GP although I've asked,have always been reluctant to tell me how much lung function I have left,my new resp nurse was nice enough to be honest and tell me,she explained that the breathing tests look at 4 or 5 different things,each of mine are under 30% one test is 28% one is 26%.The nurse said not to get caught up in the numbers,that overall health and how fit I was before I became ill all have a lot to do with how I am.But at least I know now.I'm blessed to still be here and I'm grateful for every day I'm here,even the most difficult days.

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Glad you're here too gothmum. Xxx 

Hi gothmum, yes your nurse is correct. Don't worry about numbers just go by how you feel. 

Some days are good for everyone then others not so good. But we're all still here to fight another day! 😏

Hope you have a pleasant weekend. Any plans? 😄

No plans this weekend jessy,I can't drag my son away from his PC lol.Do you know the funny thing,I rarely get bothered by my breathing,I'm very lucky,I know people with less lung damage who suffer more than I do.I can still walk about as long as I have my oxygen on and I can still do most things for myself,I feel very blessed.Take care x

I'm sure your positive attitude will help you immensely! 👍

Just have a restful weekend & leave your son to enjoy his PC 😂😂

I would second what Sassy and Jessy say.  Forget numbers, keep well and continue fighting the wretched thing.

I don't know if my Drs thought I was too fragile for such info Lmao,just shows they don't know me very well lol,I'm a fighter,I've been fighting my whole life,I'll be danged if a crappy lung  issue drags me down lol.Hope you're all well.Hugs to you all x

Good for you gothmum.   The minimum lung function you can survive on is 6% so you have a long way to go yet.  x

Admire your courage.  Numbers are just numbers my consultant told me to forget them she said some days you will feel 25%  on others 50%  "do what you want "on the good days and try to do" what you can "on the bad.

I have great difficulty in defining which are good days and which are bad - I am thinking of the state of the oven in the kitchen and how it is desperately in need of a clean.  I have had Oven Pride out on the windowsill for a couple of weeks, it is a brilliant cleaner, so I look at it every day, and tell myself I'll use it tonight, is this a good day or a bad day?


A good day for me is when is when I do not think about it I just do it, the oven I mean.  Sometimes husband and myself spend more time talking about what needs doing and when to do it than the time it actually takes.  The oven is one cleaning  job I hate . Do not know anyone who does.   The weather plays a big part in good or bad days for me, I love my garden but find I can not garden now when its cold I used to be able to but not anymore.  I was really looking forward to this week end lots to do in greenhouse and garden and all I have managed to achieve is about an hour today and a couple of hours yesterday before the rain set in. 

My pet hate too - oven cleaning. I'm good at procrastination.  I said to myself I would do it after The Durrells, but my book. Merlin, and  bed are calling

It has rained here virtually all day.  Got a greenhouse full of pricked out stocks, pots are ready for tomatoes but no room for anything else just yet.  I too cannot work in the cold - it never bothered me when we came to live here in 2006, we spent all that winter outside working.

Night night clematis:-)

Sleep tight

Keep going gothmum - you have our support whatever the numbers.  

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