Update after seeing nurse (sort of?)

I went to see the nurse at gp yesterday thinking I was going to have my spirometry done..... Well it turns out it was just a chat and questions about symptoms, family history etc etc. She then printed me out  a letter and asked me to call the hospital to make an appointment for a lung function test.   She also mentioned that I need to have a blood test to rule out Alpha something or other as my Grandad had emphysemia and never smoked and as I am only 36 may be this that has caused it.   Left feeling a bit disappointed as wanted to find out but rang hospital today and have an appointment on 24th May so nearly another 4 weeks of waiting :(

At least it is getting sorted though just hate waiting lol x

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the blood test is for A1A antitrypsin deficiency. This is an inherited conditon in about 6% of the population. It means that those who have it are more vulnerable to lung conditions and more rapid deterioration of any condition which they have. Also a full set of lung function tests will give them a fuller picture of what you are dealing with. Good luck. I hope that you get some answers and effective treatment.

Hi, it takes a few weeks to get the results of the Alpha1 Antitrypsin deficiency mine took about 4 weeks, it's good the nurse has done this, I was informed through this site and then asked my GP , I have been reading up on this and Alpha1 Antitrypsin deficiency is classed as rarely diagnosed because people are not offered the test!!

Waiting is awful I know,

Heidi x

good luck with the tests hope all goes well for you ,

Thanks I love this site very informative. Just a waiting game now x

Good luck x

Good its getting sorted; good luck with test. X

Good luck with your tests and results turn out better than you think Jeaniex

That's good news! To get a referral so quickly and for the Alpha 1 Deficiency test as well as the lung function test is brilliant. Shows they're taking you seriously. 

It does take some time to get all the results through, discussed and the right medication regime for you so be patient, it will turn out well fir you I'm sure. Managing the condition is key to a long, happy, active life. Peege 

Edit: PS the hospital LFT is much more thorough than the spirometry .

Good luck with lung function test, at least you will know what stage you are at.

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