very confused

I have copd on my last revue my copd nurse asked if i was using my rescue inhaler a lot ,I was so she changed me from Seretide to Fostair has she said that i could use this if needed more than twice a day ,Well it worked have hardly used my rescue inhaler but use the Fostair 3xtimes a day I am doing rehab at the moment and we had a class about inhalers with a copd nurse when i told her about using Fostair 3xtimes a day she said no you shoudnt ? So who do i believe  am baffled xx

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  • Hello - we have had similar problems when the COPD nurse at the practise has given different advise to the respiratory team.  I would make an appointment with your gp and ask his advise (or consultant if you can).  It might be a good idea to ring the BLF helpline - they should know how to take your inhaler - 03000 030 555.  Good luck!  Lots of love xxx

  • Fostair can be used for maintenance (twice a day) and as a reliever (up to 4 times a day).  But do check with your GP.

  • Hi, is Seretide & Fostair not used for Asthma? I see you mention you have copd. I have too but have never been prescribed either inhalers you have 🤔

  • im on fostair  was changed onto that from seretide  I don't have asthma , but they do use it for asthma and copd

  • Oh I see Malcolm, thanks for letting me know. There seems to be a number of different inhalers used for copd. I suppose it depends on our GP's or if there's more than one condition involved. In other words, probably many factors to take into account.  

    You ok today? 🌷

  • yes I think it depends what doctors you have to what you get I have been put on several different one over last few years , im ok thank you just been and got some tomatoes plants and some peppers , the big fence I put up at bottom of garden I put some mesh up to put some climbing plants on the other day but  was only enough in the reel  to do three strips so was going to buy some more , then this morning the neighbour came round with some bits he had been clearing out of his shed ask me if any good to me and there was a half reel of the mesh so been putting that up been to cold to do too much , its been hailing / sleet / snow / wind and few sunny spells , hope you are ok

  • You're getting on well with your garden Malcolm.👍 That was kind of your neighbour to give you mesh. Wow! Tomatoes & peppers! You'll be opening up a market garden any day now! 👏 . Weather here is sunny, breezy this morning but seems to have calmed down. It's still chilly at night. 💐

  • he is trying to move either on the council list or by an exchange so is sorting stuff out that he don't want  he has given me loads of things since we moved in . garden bits , tools big box of different screws and plugs , he brought an electric jigsaw round today ,  I use to grow tomatoes and peppers at the old house  as they was easy to look after and before breathing got bad I had a big veg patch it tasted so much nicer that shop bought veg ,

  • Pity he's moving! Sounds a nice neighbour to have. 

    Yes I agree, home grown veggies are so much better than shop bought. George's uncle, used to have a huge vegetable plot in his garden. He grew beetroot, carrots, turnip, potatoes, lettuce, leek, radishes etc. He kept us well supplied when the girls were young. Unfortunately he died a good few years ago. 

    Good luck with the veg growing! 👍

  • yes jessy 11 seretide isnt licensed for copd but is used ,fostair is licensed and they are switching alot of copd patients on to this x

  • Thank you for letting me know rusty4ever. It's complicated, isn't it, how we're all on different meds! Never mind, as long as we're all coping as best we can. Take care 🌺

  • Hi

    I have recently change to Fostair NexHaler, from Seretide I find it better to use, not sure about more than twice a day, I will be seeing the Respitory team again in June so I will make a point of asking. I have also been told to use my Ventolin four times a day, morning, noon, teatime and bedtime.  More if required.In the meantime as I have a spare FostairNexthaler I may try a third one.

    Fostair was initially released for Asthma but as since been licensed for COPD moderate to severe.

  • Hi the current thinking is that you shouldn't be using your reliever too much ie more than 3/4 times a week.  If you do then it is common practise now to be told to use the preventer more.  I would go with what your doctor says.  x

  • im on fostair  I was changed from seretide  onto it , 2 puffs twice a day  but if I have an exacerbation  I can take two extra puffs twice a day , they would rather me have extra puffs of that so I can cut down on how many steroid tablets im having during an infection ,

  • I was changed from seretide to fostair twelve months ago. I was told to use it twice a day 2 puffs but if I need to can use it as a rescue med 2 puffs xtra twice a day.

  • I have just started on fostair inhaler and so far so good.  And it comes in a pretty pink!!!

  • It's funny how most people seem to be changing from seretide to fostair and I have been changed the other way from fostair to seretide! 

  • I use mine twice a day as prescribed by my nurse.

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