To CLOSE To The STAR's My Very OWN Closencounters

To CLOSE To The STAR's My Very OWN Closencounters

Talking about being to close to the STAR's dose anyone know if this is a meteorite. Is none magnetic but metal alloy IS rusty WITH thumb marks and is very heavy.

Using the app radiation detector on phone is radioactive 1.15mSv/hr

Also fillings under microscope look energised I must say is amazing as meteorite is not magnetic I know this quite a few finds that are not magnetic. But is as heavy as metal but looks like a alloy GUESS that's why am interested as never seen the likes.

Might be bit to close for comfort as I found it in my flower bed SPRING I bet most are found when we get warmer garden motivated.

Anyway further to what I believe to be my meteorite I found OR did it find me.

Well I did nickel test like a true expert and swab did not go red :( 

Anyway it's pepping my head as I want to know what it is :o so I did some research and SEE the rusty colour of my meteorite.

Could I be right in thinking I could file some of that rusty dust of AS I believe it to be ferrite chloride THEN use it to see if it will etch the metal alloy core of what I have called transfomiom lol 

As I don't know what it is 

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  • Why don't you just take it to a museum or somewhere they have the knowledge you require?

  • Hi Snodgrass now where would be the fun in that .. Guess when have filled my boots I could take.

  • Hi Jeff, was there any heavy industry or smelting works near you in the past ?

    As snodgrass suggests a museum may help 

  • Hi knitter the do say most finds could be old canon balls,  machine ball bearing's bits of old german bomb's but most of them have flaws imperfections when cast.

  • Close Encounters of the JAS kind l think. Xxx 

  • Hi sassy59 defo agree there lol

  • You have a radiation detector on your phone ???? !!!!!! 

  • Hi mandy6513 I thought everyone did :) 

  • Nope not me i just have a ghost hunter phone app

  • pmsl @ ghost hunter

  • I would like an app that does housework 

  • You don't want much lol

  • Hi Jeff but I think of you still as Daz. I don't know what the rock is. As others say, a museum may be able to help. Too cold for the garden I am afraid. X

  • Hi Scorpiolass cheers ....  Defo as been nip out snow, hale stone, weather wants to make it's mind up of just what it's doing.

    I don't think is garden rock tho is defo metal but when I grind it no sparkles come of it .. 

  • Hi. Obviously I  can only go by the pics and it is difficult to guess the sizes. Are you sure that it is not just a piece of iron stone? Is the smooth groove a fork mark? Regards, Rib 

  • Hi RibvanRey it looks like it was part of bigger chunk that had broke in to .. The core is not magnetic but shinny and the bit you can see rust's.

    I did expect it to be magnetic SO am doing few acid etch test's 

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