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Well I don't know where to start really ,,,,,but here goes ,,,,I was asked by the COPD PR nurse that mainly takes care of my health if I would go to  a meeting  with her to discuss pulmary rehab and how it's benefited me over the years ,,,,,of course I said yes of course I would ,,,so today was the day ,,,,,,WOW I was not expecting what happened next ,,,I entered the room ,,,,,,where approx 20 people were sitting around a board room table ,,,,,there were 2 empty seats and 2 decanters of water on the table in front of these 2 seats ,we took our place at the table ,,,and I was asked how I would like to be addressed ,,,,,Georgina will be fine ,,,I squeaked out ,,,,,I looked Sarah ( the COPD nurse ) with a look of , ,,,,,what am I doing here ,,,,haha,,,,,,Sarah was asked about her role in PR and what she thought the benefits were ,,,,,at this point she said " well let's ask someone who knows first hand the benefits " ,,,,all eyes were on me ,,,,,and I was soooo nervous ,,,but once I got started I was got into full flow ,,,,I explained how once you've done the PR ,,,,you are taken under their wing and they take care of your COPD ,,and how they are only a phone call away ,,and their aim is to manage my health in my home rather than going into hospital ,,unless of course hospital is where I need to be Sarah Was asked many questions about wether it's financially beneficial to have this service ,,,and she put a strong message forward to the board pointing out that for instance in  Georgina's  case she ( I ) would have spent many more weeks/months  in hospital over the years ,,without the COPD service provided ,,,,,,I won't go on any further as I've told my story on here before ,,,,,

Anyway ,,,,we were thanked for attending the meeting and  for putting a strong case for COPD & PR ,,,,,we left the room ,,,,,where Sarah then pointed out that we had just been speaking to the NHS TRUST SOUTH ,,,,,,,,,and she said she was very proud of what I'd said and the way I put my opinion across strong and positive ,,,,,,needless when we were back in the car I was ,,,,,releived ,,,,,, the meeting was recorded and photographs taken so if I get a copy ( IF ) I will post it on here ,,,,,,relieved to be home ,

But ,,,,

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  • Well done nanny. Sorry dont know your real name.

  • Georgina ,and Thankyou ,

  • Nanny, you are my expert already - now the NHS Trust South expert also!

    Will you autograph my Flutter now that you're famous ... today the NHS Trust South ... tomorrow the world!

    Well done, I hope they learned as much as I have from you!

  • Haha your toooo kind ,,,,,experience gained through illness and great care ,,,

  • That's great Nanny! May it be just the start of your patient rep activities - COPD needs people like you ;)

  • Thankyou ,

  • Impressive! I hope you get a copy to share.

  • Thankyou ,so do I ,

  • Well done you. Rehab is amazing but to speak at a Board Meeting with no warning is amazing too!

  • And terrifying ,,,,,thank you ,

  • How great Nanny, well done. Xxx 

  • Thank you sassy 

  • ⭐Well done Nanny⭐

    You are a star, and our PR representative.

    What a scary experience for you...good job you didn't know what to expect, you would have spent days worrying about it.

    As it was, you spoke from the heart ⭐


  • Velvet that is soooo true ,,,,I said to the nurse later ,,,,if I'd know I would have made some notes to remind of what to say ,,,,,,,that's why I kept you in the dark ,,she said she wanted me to just tell my story ,

  • And it worked didn't it...clever lady your Nurse.

    We will give her a star as well ⭐


  • Wow Nanny what a day! It's certainly one you will remember, well done you! The more our lungs are talked about the more action we should get, great stuff! Xx

  • Exactly ,the COPD nurse is hoping that they may get another nurse to add to their team from this meeting ,,,,fingers crossed for them they are run off their feet,

  • Nanny1086 well done you should be very proud of yourself because there lots of people waiting to get the help you've received from the pulmory rehabilitation unit me for one x

  • Don't give up ,push for a referral  honestly I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for them ,,,,I hope you get seen soon ,

  • My doctors referred me but there's a waiting list so fingers crossed it wont be to long x

  • Good luck ,

  • Very well done, our orator!  Your nurse obviously recognised a talent there 👏

    Tee x

  • Thankyou ,

  • How brave of you, keeping your nerve in front of all those people.

  • It was scary ,,,,,but I thought ,,,,come on girl your age 70. You've been through more than any of them ,,,so don't miss your chance to tell them ,,WE NEED THE COPD NURSES,they're life savers ,hope they got the message ,

  • Well done, you have done such an important thing, I know as I work for Healthwatch and every area has a local Healthwatch, patient stories are extremely powerful and what you did gives commissioners first hand evidence of how patients benefit from services, services need to be designed by those who need and use them not by people in offices which has always happened

    Heidi x

  • Couldn't agree more ,,,,one of the nurse team is called Heidi and she is lovely ,,,,and some useless information  for you ,,,Heidi and Heidi grows up were the books I read over and over when I was little,,Thankyou ,Georgina x

  • Hi Nanny

    I read those books, and Mallory Towers, and of course the Famous Five


  • Loved famous five and the secret seven ,,,,, I've still got my original Heidi book it must be over 60 years old ,,,,something to pass on to my Grandaughter ,,,,,I used to read it to my daughter when she was little ,,,,and to my Grandaughter 

  • Heidi what memories was there a grandpa and a goat in these stories please.

  • Haha yes your right And Peter who was Heidi's friend ,he helped her grandfather look after the sheep,on the mountains ,and he eventually bought her back to her grandfather from the city ,beautiful simple story ,

  • I had forgotten Peter but now I can see the pictures of them all in my minds eye, I to used to read them over and over just a very long time ago.

  • Well done G !

  • Well done I am a great believer in the respiratory nurses at home service, mine are just a telephone call away and can access my consultant at any time should they need advice,  in fact they have regular meetings with them to discuss patients under there care.  I believe that in the long term they save the NHS a lot of money as well as saving us from having to go into hospital.

  • My point exactly ,,I hope I put it across 

  • Good for you nannyG. 😃

  • Thankyou 😊

  • well done i can now see why you said you had a busy day . i would have been very nerves i don't like talking in big groups of people i don't know ,

  • Me neither ,,,,,when I told my daughter she was very shocked but very proud to ,,,,she is used to public speaking etc ,,,,,I didn't think it would be such a big thing I was going to do ,,,,,so I hadn't told her ,,,,,

  • Hi Mm

    Ho bloody Ho

    You have no problem rattling away on here 😂😂


  • are that's different its not in a group in person I wouldn't even do a proper wedding speech just a very quick shaky thank you for coming  

  • Gob oil Mr M get yourself a hip flask lol

  • Well done Georgina.  It's people like you who help the rest of us and future lung sufferers.  Let's hope they listen and take on board what you and Sarah have said.  x

  • Sarah was the COPD nurse that started the PR in our area I was her first patient ,

  • Which is one reason why she took you along with her!  She sounds great - can you send her to my area please?  lol  x

  • Really did yourself and us proud. Good Nanny1086. Give yourself a pat on your back!

  • Thankyou 👏👍💊

  • You were very brave Georgina! Congratulations for putting a strong case to NHS Trust South for all Copd patients. 

    You've done a marvellous job & I hope your words don't go unnoticed. I'm sure you'll make a huge difference! 👏👏💐

  • Thankyou ,I appreciate your comment ,fingers crossed ,,,,,

  • Congratulations Nanny😃

  • Thankyou ,😊

  • Well done Georgina & a big thank you - couldn't have been easy x

  • Thank you ,knees were knocking a bit 

  • Well done Nanny we need our PR worst thing that happened to our NHS when they introduced trusts we have lost so many services in our hospital since we became a trust. And you are correct because we have the knowledge to manage our own copd we spend less time in hospital saving the NHS a fortune we also feel we are not alone and we have help at the end of a line.  

  • Which was my point exactly ,,I hope I got the message across to the men in suits ,

  • Well done Nan 👏🏽 D.

  • Thank you ,

  • Wow! Well done, you overcame your fears and helped your nurse make a case for PR and preventative care!😁 you are a star Georgina! huff xxx

  • Thank you huffer puffer ,,,,,seems I've been keeping my talent for public speaking hidden for 70 years,haha 🏥❗️

  • Fantastically well done Georgina!  Congratulations for putting our case in such a great way.


  • Nerve racking Jennifer ,,,,,but I think I did ok ,x

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