Hi my name is Josie ,and I have COPD mainly through smoking and mainly from inherited as my father and sister bot had the compliant,I have ad COPD for at least 32 years but only diagnosed about 14 years ago ,I have sever Ephysema  but do not have flare ups as I try and stay away from people with colds ,I am on Spiriva and Seretide.The only thing that realy gets to me is not being able to walk long distances .

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  • Hi Josie, nice to make your acquaintance. That's a long time with the old COPD!

     I make up for the walking by watching TV, films, pictures & the Internet to remind me what we miss out on!

    Take care


  • Welcome Josie, you are obviously doing something right to keep the flare ups at bay, so well done you! Walks are a thing of the past for me to, but looking forward to getting out on my scoot when it gets a bit warmer! Xx

  • Hi there and a big welcome again. You've done so well for many years,keeping your illness manageable and it is a shame when the old SOB (shortness of breath) kicks in. Try and pace yourself and maybe even take everything just that little bit slower. You can still do most things but just at a slower pace eh? Take care.

  • I'm in the same boat but bought a little scooter which I can get into my car so am  hindered only a little by not being able to walk far.  I still get round the shops, to garden centres, country shows and lots of other places.  Depending on your age(under 65) you may be eligible for PIP mobility benefit which you can spend how you like

  • Well after bragging about having COPD for years ,all of a sudden it as got worse with in the last couple of months, just like my dad he was able to walk four miles to the pub in the next village and also able to come on the train to London to visit me with no trouble when I was 22 but he was gasping for breath a year later and died when I was 27.

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