This is actually me lol...(Spiritual)..or know to some as Lynne x 🌹 x

This is actually me lol...(Spiritual)..or know to some as Lynne x 🌹 x

Hello everyone on the Lung World..that's my terminology for this forum anyway lolπŸ˜€..many thanks, to all of you individual, wonderful people on here. 

I'm just taking a break from the forum at the moment, due to personal circumstances.

I apologise to all of you, I merely worded my previous post wrongly..

 Take good care of one another...πŸ‘‹πŸ’—

Lynne x 🌹 x 


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29 Replies

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  • Hello again Lynne - lovely photograph of you, but I liked the one in your other post as well.  We will be here when you come back.  Look after yourself.


  • Hey Jennifer..thank you so much for your lovely reply. Take good care of yourself keep smiling too..

    Lynne x 🌹 

  • HI! Waving madly!

  • Who's waving madly punkyb? Lol

    Sorry, my daft sense of humour. Xxx 

  • yes me! Punkyb! I am waving madly!

  • Thank you so much..take care yourself..

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Hi Lynne, looking good. Hope you won't be gone for too long.

    Wishing you well. Xxx πŸ‘πŸ’‹

  • Hey sassy..thanks for your kind words. You take good care too..I'll be back πŸ˜‰ xxx

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • 🌷 Hello Lynne 🌷

    Lovely photo.

    I hope your break isn't to long, we will miss you.

    Come back soon

    Velvet xx

  • Hi Velvet..gonna miss you all temporarily πŸ˜€ especially your banter....!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday away hope you relax well.

    Thank you and take care yourself and Mr V...πŸ˜‰

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Take care x

  • Thanks take care too x

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Nice to see you , to see you nice! 😁 I can see where your Son gets his good looks from!😁 take care Lynne, huff xxx

  • Hey Huff..thank you so much I was well blessed lol...not!!! 😍 

    Take good care yourself Huff and be good..x

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Hi Lynn,  pleased you are not leaving. See you soon. Love Margaret x

  • Hey Margaret..thank you, take good care of yourself and Pete as I know you do x

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Spiritual1 best wishes and good luck with your personal issues x

  • Thanks Titchy, you take good care of yourself and be good..

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Don't know about being good hun but I,ll be careful lol xxx

  • Titchy being careful is better than being good lol...will miss you all for now x

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • hi lynn, bye lynn,!!!  love your photo its great to know what you look like, fab bye the way!!  I will miss ya, speak when your back.  do take care love, martine xxx 😒

  • Ha,ha, always the joker Martine I'll miss your banter πŸ˜€ take care of yourself and thanks for listening...

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Hi Lynne don't be away too long and don't forget we are here for you if you need us.  Bev xx

  • Thanks Bev for your kind words means a lot keep up the good work yourself.. Back soon..

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Good to hear just temporary absence Lynne - lovely photo - look forward to your return.  All best wishes xx

  • Thank you so much I'll be in touch soon. Take good care of yourself be good...x

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Take care Lynne.lovely photo.x

  • Many thanks Uzor..I'll be back soon..

    Take care yourself..

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Lynne    Sort out what ever needs sorting then get back here to your friends online.

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