Hello. I've had cop since feb and havnt returned to work yet. I have good days then I feel like I've been knocked right back short of breath really tired. Lates ct showed improvement in lungs. Consultant had referred me for biopsy but said when I see surgeon he probably won't do it. Saw him and he's going ahead even though other doctor says not needed at minute. When will I be ok. So fed up 

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  • Can't say an awful lot to help you but to say I hear you and understand where you are coming from. I too have been off work since February and am desperate to get back to work! Work won't let me return without doctor note stating ok. My current note finishes this weekend so I need to see GP by Thursday or Friday to see if they will let me return to work. I am VERY fed up and am aware that emotionally I am finding things difficult to deal with.  I was diagnosed with COPD sometime ago but this is worse flare-up in years. Doesn't help with how fed up I am though!

  • It's so hard. I sympathise with you. Just looked at pip but it's hard to be accepted I believe. 

  • True and I am dreading getting the brown envelope to apply. Am currently on DLA. Get help to fill form in for example CAB. Also check out website Benefits and Work. This is a useful source for filling PIP form in and how to approach the assessment. PIP is meant to be not the illness / disability but how it affects you in your day to day life.

  • I was on DLA and had to go for PIP assessment.  I was completely honest, and in particular explained on the form what being SOB actually means i.e. wheezing, unable to get air in or out, head pounding, palpitations, feelings of panic, need to wee urgently etc etc. Also said that although I have full movement in arms & legs, the slightest exertion brought on SOB and how long it takes to recover.  In addition I explained that being constantly SOB causes anxiety which affects some of my abilities

    If you get called for PIP my advice is to be specific and explain exactly why you can't do things.

    I did get the award, by the way

  • Hello thanks what is your condition. 

  • Severe COPD - all three conditions - emphysema, chronic bronchitis and asthma

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