Successful op

Hi everyone, had eye op, wasn't as bad as I thought ( yes I know you all told me that !! ) after a bit of discomfort on the day eye is now beginning to clear and sight gradually improving. Thanks to everyone who messaged with support and good wishes. I can't wait to have next one done now, I will still be nervous, but at least I know what to expect. Have to go back in about a week to have it checked and make sure everthing is going ok. 

Thanks again, take care,

Christine XXX

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  • Hi Christine glad your op was a success. I also had the op 2 years ago on one eye. And am waiting for the other eye to be done. But they won't do it till it gets thicker. Take care x

  • Glad stage 1is over and was a success Christine. I'm sure 2 will be much easier.

  • Great news Christine.  I know you were very anxious, and I think you were brave!  but that's half done now and won't it be great to see everything clearly again.   I am happy for you.


  • Hi well done and I am glad it wasn't as bad as you feared.  I remember my mum having one eye done and because she found it difficult to put the drops in herself me and a sister had to do it for her.  I wouldn't do it a first coz I was terrified of poking her eye out by mistake!   Eventually I told myself not to be so silly and managed to do it.  My mum God bless her was good as gold and didn't complain when several times I missed and the liquid rolled down her cheeks instead.   lol  x

  • That's wonderful! Just think you will see so much clearer soon!😊 I think you are very brave!😁 huff xxx

  • Hi Christine, so pleased to hear that all went well and you are now on the mend. I remember when my grandma had hers done what a difference it made to her. Before she had her operation she was virtually housebound.

    Hopefully your next one will go just as well.

    All the Best. John

  • Great news Christine

    So glad you are on the mend 🌷


  • I bet you feel pleased it is done. Well done Christine. X

  • Oh good, glad It went well. Next time will be much less scary for you.

  • Really pleased for you!

  • So glad to hear your good news Christine xx

  • Glad it went well,you will need reading glasses still.I got cheap ones at my chemist £7 ,fell apart after a week.So looked on EBAY 3 pairs less than£10.00 clear plastic last longer,much better.I,ll get proper pair when had eyes tested.Good luck.D.

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