I am 79, have IPF diagnosed 2010 and currently on Pirfenidone.  I am reasonably active using O2 at 5/6 litres for 16 hrs daily and I am envious of all those patients who go cruising.  How do they get insurance?  I also declare high blood pressure, diabetes and one TIA, but I have tried numerous companies and  the only quote I have received is over £2000 for a 14day no-fly Med cruise.  All other companies would not insure me at all.  I always travel alone but cannot understand what I am doing wrong?  I was given the impression  by my resp. Nurses that the need for oxygen was no barrier to travel abroad.  Any advice would be appreciated

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  • Try I have IPF and on ambulatory oxygen,,my hubby is a diabetic,oxygen is a problem and so is age,Most do not want to insure over 75.we got cover for £640 for a year,I am 66 hubby 74 ,most companies turned me down,they usually don't like it if you are on permanent oxygen,but give them a try.Sooki.

  • Thank you Sooki.  I tried them but they turned me down.  My only options are the £2080 which is almost as much as the cruise itself, or confine myself to UK shores.  K

  • There was a post about Travel Insurance a little while ago & several companies were suggested have you tried all those listed. Just type travel insurance into the search box & it will bring up the posts. Hope you find something. 

  • I am 69 with severe COPD and Emphysema and I had a mild stroke last year and even Saga declined me but a company called ALLCLEAR took e on for a 2 week cruise this year. Give them a try as they claim to take on anyone with anything and they are it as expensive as you might think. For the 2 of us (with my wife) it came to £645. Staysure charged me over £2000 2 years ago for a cruise in the Caribbean.   I had the  stroke since and so they declined me this time!

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