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Looking Threw My Microscope #2

Following my previous post's .. evolution of disease and genetic mutations. I feel I must share few of my insights scratching's BE It what it may !

Anyway there is a few things I have seen wile cursing the web ONE I must say is not talked about much ONE being genetics.

I seen a story ABOUT super DNA Thant canceled out DNA mutations .. all very interesting BUT given what I have talked about previously I.e evolution of disease and genetic mutations DO they really have SUPER DNA or is it sick peoples as just stopped working.

Here is story. 


Also here is good video.


Is all very interesting STUFF and am sure in-roads are being made as to mechanics pathology genetics of diseases as am sure we are benefiting from in one form or other.


Which brings me to other subject RECENTLY I got a letter of my lung doc asking if I would be interested in taking part in NHS RESEARCH trial BIOBANK .. Guess the looking to see if I have super DNA lol.

Anyway as you can guess I jumped at offer epically as it involves nothing to extreme but a NOSE swab BIT of DNA ... Blood and Sputum and so on.

As you can guess I told'em to fill the boot's BUT if found out valuable it was mine as I had lost it :) 


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Hi Jeff, can't you sleep either? 

The genetic research is interesting....my grandmother and mother were both noisy breathers....you always knew they were near by, and suffered from breathlessness exacerbations. Then there was me and my three asthmatic daughters...but I don't know how much it could be from underlying disordered breathing pattern, living in a smokey, coal dusty environment or to a genetic tendency to bronchospasm.

Any research is welcome ...take care.

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Hi Knitter thanks for comment .. wish i was ok doc's just changed my antibiotics.

Never felt so ill ... Ya right about research wish my breathing was ok but like you i have started nosey breathing and coughing fits.

Interesting links, JAS. I agree knitter, research is to be welcomed.

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Hi defo agree mrsmummmy is all promising great work being done.

Thanks for reply comment  

Good luck Jeff if you get to take part in a trial. Wishing you well. xxxx

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Hi sassy59 cheers yer i dont think it will benerfit me but is step in right direction.

Is good as info is on ya medical records so guna try get peep of my own dna ALSO going to talk about asbestos.

Shame to waste opportunity to have tanagable input.

I just hope av not been invited for expanded part of trail given condition.

Cheers thanks for reply   

Interesting stuff Jeff.Keep up the good work.D.

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Hi FarmerD Cheers ... Hope ya feeling better got over ya speed wobble .. Me well am thinking about if I need ambulance or if am going to pass out.

Joys of lung disease and infections eh :)  

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FarmerD in reply to

I thought it was you,good to hear from you 👍🏿

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Hi cheers yer it is .. Long story is BUT i never needed ambulance DEFO a plus tho 

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FarmerD in reply to

Been in so many blue light trucks,might a crew I know lol.D.

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