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Dreaded op


Morning all, looks like another lovely day. I've got my cataract operation today, just waiting to be picked up by hospital transport. I must say I'm not looking forward to it {understatement of the year } but keep telling myself it will all be over in a few hours and I can start looking forward to seeing properly. Hope everyone is as well as can be.

Take care, Christine. XXX

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Good luck Christine🌷🌷

You will be fine, you will be wondering why you were so worried later on today.

xx 🌷

Best wishes for today....the waiting is always the worst part I think.


Good morning. All will be well Christine.  You will be on your way home again before you can turn round.


You'll soon see how good the operation is ... and no pain!

CELAT06 best wishes for today I'm sure you will fine my friend had it done and he's amazed at how much he can see good luck x

Good luck, CELAT06 - hope it's over very quickly and all goes well.  It will make such a difference to you.

Christine, it's an amazing op, nothing at all to worry about, and the results.....! Xx


Best wishes for today Christine, xx Sonia xx

I've heard only good reports about this op Celato, and I'm told that it only takes a few minutes. A friend who had it done says she spent more time having tea and biscuits afterwards, than it took to do the op.

Hi  Christine, l am sure all will go well for you. It is a routine operation and the results are well worth it.

All the Best John


Good luck xxx


Hi Christine you will be fine,  it's such a routine operation these days.  Just look forward to being able to see properly again.  x

Hi Christine, I hope it all goes well; you may have had it by now. My late mum & my aunt both had this op & said it was great  & no pain. X

Good luck

Tee x

My husband had this done in both eyes , a few months apart. There's a little superficial discomfort  - feeling a bit fragile - for the first 24 hours and after that you just sit back and wait for the way the world will open up to you with your enhanced sight. But of course you feel nervous, that's just human nature. Fingers crossed that it all goes well for you.

Hi Christine, hope your op goes well. I've heard many great reports about the outcome.... Wonderful improvement to your sight! Let us know how it goes 💐

Hi Christine you will be fine. The op only lasts 5 mins the rest of the Time is spent waiting around befor and after. Mine was at 12 o'clock on a Sunday got home early evening take care x

Good luck Christine.  Maybe you're even done by  now. Lucky you, won't need those eyeglasses anymore! 😊 Rubyxx

Hi CELAT06, how are you today? I guess you are starting to feel the benefits of it now?

Best wishes

can you drive from hospital after having cataract done

Nottobad in reply to rememdium

I had to have someone to pick me up after my operation. 


Good luck, deep breaths, X 

Gook luck and be very careful to follow instructions about not lifting or bending over.

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