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Yet anouther infection

I saw the Dr on Monday, just for him to confirm I have yet another chest infection. (That's 24 in 30 months now). The hospital took me off the nebulised Colomycin about two months ago as I hadn't shown any signs of the Pseudamonas in the last 5 sputum samples. The hospital have told the GP that they should cycle round 4 main antibiotics whenever I get an infection, and send a sputum sample in each time before the antibiotics have been started. I have a direct number to the respiratory ward in case I need it.

I am just concerned that even with all the treatment, physio, pulmonary rehab, etc I keep getting these infections. I know I have Bronchiectasis but this shouldn't be what I have to expect. I am only 51.

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I have Bronchiectasis - I take azithromycin 3 times a week.  its certainly done the trick as far as chest infections are concerned.  Good luck.


I was on the Azithromycin before the hospital started me on Colomycin. Maybe they should restart me on it again. I will contact the Respiratory Unit and see what they say.


I can only offer sympathy and wish you a speedy recovery, lots of love TAD xxx

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Wow that's too many infections.  You must make sure you take a good probiotic to replenish the good bacteria which will have been destroyed by the antibiotics. 

You could also help your immune system with heavy duty vitamin C and /or garlic tablets (I'd recommend AlicinMax).

Best of luck.


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Mg.  You have my sympathies. Yes, I do have old age as an excuse.  I have been on azithromycin, AND FOR ME,  the med seems to have lost its effect.  I was on azith for over three years.  I have been  very breathless recently with infections for which I had antibiotics.  I saw my resp. nurse yesterday and was prescribed  Fostair inhalors (pink!)  So far, touch wood, my breathing is a little easier.   I have been promised PR classes (transport provided)   sowill hope.   I really hope that things will work out for you ++  Keep us posted

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Just doing a bit of googling on bronchiactesis and came across the posts on this site.

My husband had a persistent cough for 9 months following FCR for CLL. Eventually the GP did a sputum test and he was diagnosed with Haemophulus Influenza. He had a couple of vaccinations and at some point was referred to a respiratory consultant by his hematologist who diagnosed the bronchiactesis. I have to add that at one point during the 9 months of permanent/tiring/annoying coughing I suggested Bronechiactesis but was poo pooed by the then GP (I dare say it was because I mentioned reading something on the internet).

He now has Azithromycin 250mg three times a week (been on it or over two years) and has regular IVG for immunodeficiency (caused by the chemo).

The coughing is horrendous for him (and me). He coughs up the green phlegm constantly and whenever he goes to the GP he is refused antibiotice because the GP says that if the Azithromycin isn't stopping stopping infection then no point in having antibiotics. Also refuses to do sputum tests.

His next appt with respiratory consultant is end of the month and am seriously considering going along to 'kick ass'

Any suggestions and eperiences would be welcome.


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