Dr says "You need to get used to it!"

After Saturdays expedition I felt a little poorly so for the past couple of days I've been taking things very easy.

Today (at wife's insistence and after a telephone consultation with the practice nurse) I visited the GP's for a "wait until the Dr is free" appointments.

Told him that SATs all seemed okay but I just feel awful. He checked them, confirmed that they were okay then said, "Well, of course you have COPD and SATs are okay so you'll just have to get used to feeling this way!"

Is it me? Am I expecting too much? Am I wasting his tome or is he the complete fool I think he is?

I don't was a sick note, don't want time off work, don't want a million pills but I just can't get the comment out of my head!

Please will someone tell me that comments like this are not regular GP responses.



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  • Hi y not

    What an ignorant uncaring pig you have for a GP.

    He doesn't deserve the title of Dr.

    He needs to go back to school and learn some bedside manners


  • I agree, what a toss pot!

  • Agreed. ..what a toe rag.

  • Oddly, he is one of the original (white Brit, middle aged) doctors in the practice.

    The new Chinese(?) doctor I saw previously for the infection a couple of weeks ago was absolutely brilliant and even rang me two days later to check that I was improving!

  • Hi y not

    I have found the same at my GPs.

    The younger, newer GPs at the my practice, are far better than the senior partner.......Complacency has taken over him, me thinks !!


  • I agree

  • No most GPs help you,I think it was rude and out of place saying that to you. So pleased I have brilliant GPs

  • Man's a pillock!  I hope you feel better soon and maybe a gentler walk next time.

    Tee x

  • "gentler walk" might not give that cloud nine feeling at the end 😀

  • Oh how supportive! 

  • I find it totally frustrating the way we are just shrugged off at times...If i went in with a bad leg they would say it was my lung problem.........Maybe JUST MAYBE it could be something else that a problem 

  • I get the feeling that his attitude is that as an ex-smoker it was self inflicted so my own fault/problem but he seems to forget that 40 a day for 40 years = one hell of a lot of tax paid so I have no guilt about using the NHS.

    Think I might make another appointment with a different Dr and explain the issue ... or else see the practice manager and make a formal complaint (yes, I do that sort of thing when someone winds me up).

    Thanks for the comments and support, much appreciated.

  • do it! x

  • hi y_not, think you should see someone with better manners. Even if you have to "get used to it" ,  Gp's should be supportive about how we feel mentally about our illness as well as the physical side. Hope you find someone nicer next time. janx

  • Hi grannyjan,

    Diagnosed 4 years ago, dumped by the Derby Royal Infirmary over 2 years ago [for a claimed fail to attend appointment], only had bi-annual reviews at the GP's left me no option but to "get used to it" .

    Having slept on it, it's made me quite angry, think they will get a call and a complaint to follow up!

    Thanks for your comments.

  • definitely.complain and keep at them until you get the help to which you are entitled.

  • I agree Tony,see a different doctor with a better attitude.It is worth pointing out,the more often I go for a walk the better I feel and easier it seems,as we slowly build up muscles in lungs and legs .Ask the different GP about the others attitude,he I might be well known for it.Good luck.D.

  • Unhelpful doesn't begin to describe that response and it's a sad reflection on that person's character and lack of empathy for a patient with a chronic illness. 

    In what way are you feeling more unwell then usual ? Sob ? Pain ? Exhaustion ? Or just generally feeling under the weather ? If your  so-called doctor can't do anything to help, then try some R&R, lots of nutritious ( and delicious) food and a little of what you fancy. I might go for a duvet day the travel channel and some chocolate :) 

    You know, we all know, we have good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks. To suggest you have to get used to feeling like you do on a bad day, infers that there won't be any other type. You know that's not true and you know that that doctor is an idiot. Plan a treat for yourself and she who must be obeyed and go prove him wrong.

  • Thanks Billiejean, Had an infection a couple of weeks ago (I know, a four hour [hard] shuffle straight after is not such a good idea - but I did feel that sense of achievement) and since then having constant shortness of breath, headache and generally feeling pretty rubbish.

    My boss rang whilst ill (I am a numpty so keep working from home) and turned up at the door an hour later! He said he was worried about how bad I sounded, met with him on Monday and he said I sounded like I was going to die halfway through the conversation!! It's really freaked him out (but he's great and supports - offered time off [with pay of course] which I'd turned down).

    Have a board meeting today so "duvet day" really isn't an option but tomorrow .....

  • Hi Tony, what an absolutely horrible man! Do you have another GP in your practice who may have more empathy towards you? 

    I think you're doing a marvellous job of trying to keep fit. You probably just overdid this a bit & need a rest for a few days. 

    I'm lucky I have a really caring GP, respiratory nurse & consultant who are all marvellous. 

    Don't blame yourself for this moron's shortcomings. Either see a different GP at your practice or change doctors completely. Hope you feel better soon 🌺

  • Based on the comments here I realise that it's not me .... it's him that has the problem.

    I'm on the edge of making an appointment with the Practice Manager - think I might ring today and ask for a copy of their complaints process, that will start to prepare them for what's to come!

  • HI Y-not, speaking from experience if you accept this persons attitude it will continue. A note to the practice manager would be the best I think or go to a different DR i.e vote with your feet. Nothing will change , even approach, unless you complain. Complaints do cause ripples but we have to do it. Drs are there to manage your illness with you, and some comments made to COPD patients are not acceptable from any medics OK, in the same way you do not tell a depressive to pull themselves together. Good luck with bringing the GP to task.

  • Hi y not, whilst I must agree with your GP (or maybe it's just me cos I've felt rough for so long!)  His bedside manner needs some serious attention, and a complaint is defo in order. Hope you soon feel better xx

  • You should definitely complain Tony - his attitude is unacceptable.  Hope u feel better soon x

  • Better for you to complain and make a noise about his attitude. What happens if you have a serious exacerbation and you go to see him/ Will you wife or family have to deal with him?

  • Tosser, GP not you lol

  • If you have respiratory nurse at your GP practice ask for an appointment.  In my experience, they are much more knowledgeable, sympathetic and helpful than GPs.  They also seem to be more interested you as a person, rather than a medical condition.

    My GP is very good, but my care by the nurse has been much more holisitic and successful. She has suggested additional treatments such as Pulmonary Rehab, over and above medications.

  • If you feel so "rough" maybe you,re not clear of the infection and need more A/Bs.D.

  • I thought that too when I was diagnosed - is this just how life will be now?  But a year on, I am on no bronch meds.  Take each day as it comes.  Ask for a referral to a Respiratory Consultant Tony.  In fact, I would advise you to insist upon it.  It will take months for you to get a referral so get the ball rolling now.  My GP was/is a friend and our surgery has a specialist COPD/Asthma clinic.  They thought I was asthmatic and were treating me as such.  They NEVER picked up on bronchiectasis at all.  Never even suggested it.  It wasn't until I was admitted to hospital twice that I saw a Respiratory Consultant.  She told me that I was not and had never been asthmatic.  The scan showed bronch in both lungs.  Once she got me on right meds and lung clearance, I  improved really quickly.

    You have to be your own advocate sadly and push for these things.

  • Aha! You read my mind, Lynn! Since this post I have visited again, saw a different GP at the practice and she has referred me to the cardiorespiratory team that I already see for my sleep apnoea, she's also agreed to arrange a follow-up pulmonary rehab course (four years since last time). Now I'm just awaiting dates.

    Many thanks and glad to read that you've improved.  

  • Yes it is. I am sorry to say. It's my husband I ring doctor for. Pulmonary fibrosis and periferal neuropathy so ill quiet a lot. He's been my rock 44 years. I panic when he's I'll ? Cannt get out of bed some days. I need a doctor to talk to sometimes. They have no time? Too many patients, ring in the morning someone might be available.

    So YES ITS SAME HERE IN GOOLE. It's a sad state of affairs. You take care now.

  • Best wishes to you and your husband, avrilwags

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