13 Simple Strategies You Can Use TODAY To Help You Prevent And Manage COPD Exacerbations

13 Simple Strategies You Can Use TODAY To Help You Prevent And Manage COPD Exacerbations


This is an article from the US. There are more like 1300 ideas . Some you can put into practice immediately, some over time and some others you just wont even think of using. BUT the content is very helpful if you have just been diagnosed with COPD and looking for suggestions. It is not suggested that you implement all the ideas but to implement those that have no cost and are easy and don't require major life changes.


Hope you get something out of the article that will help you in some way or another.


PS The Pic was just to get your attention. click on the link. byeeeeeeeeee

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  • Very good advice. I have COPD and one of my big mistakes is moving too fast and then finding myself in trouble. Thanks .

  • Excellent article, thank you.

  • As this is all new to me I found the article very informative, thank you. 

  • Helpful article Gerald. Lots of good advice. I like  the diet section; the only problem is, like many others,  I have more than one condition. 6 at the last count. I eat lots of salads, fruit & veg, I like these & it's advised for post cancer patients  but the latter certainly irritates my digestive system.  I have to watch fruit cos of mild diabetes and like many older people I have diverticular disease. I just try to keep to a low calorie 1200 calories with low fat, salt & sugar diet. As soon as I regularly eat 1500 cals, I pack on weight very fast. Slow metabolism from Thyroid  & I get more breathless.... it's OK when you can control diet but hospitals & care homes don't go to the trouble. X 

  • Thank you for sharing some good tips in it

  • thanx x

  • This was very interesting and informative.  The only criticism I have is the section on housework where it suggests you clean your windows with a mixture of vinegar and ammonia.  Vinegar in itself is fine but ammonia?  It recommends using a mask because of the ammonia but why use ammonia?  I clean my windows with plain water and 2 E-cloths, one to use damp  and 1 to use dry to polish off dampness.  I sometimes put distilled white vinegar in the water too but I don't really notice any difference.  Ammonia is a very strong chemical and I was quite shocked they suggested this.

  • Very informative, thank you.

  • thank you xxx

  • Thank you for all this information.  I need to try harder! Moi x x x

  • Thankyou Gerald for a very helpful link. I clean my windows with fairy liquid in warm water with a splash if vinegar, sponge on a stick and a scraper and towel- ammonia is too strong for me.  

    Good wishes. 

  • Once again thanks Gerald, my aim is to stay stress and anxiety free as much as possible.  I really enjoyed the article it makes a lot sense.  Love moongirl x

  • Good article Gerald, thanks.


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