A Hole in Lung

Greetings COPDers. Have a question. Just completed a 4-week hospital sojourn having succeeded in popping a hole in my left lung and causing complete deflation. Drain inserted (ouch bloody ouch!!). Rejected for surgery by St George's - nonetheless, think the Atkinson Morley wing and staff deserve Oscars all round. So waited for hole to close naturally and returned to RSCH Guildford. Anybody else experienced a hole in lung? 

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  • No, luckily Pete has never had that. Sounds awful for  you edwardo and I hope things go better for you soon. xxx

  • Thanks Sassy. Must say I'm feeling pretty good although have been told to gradually progress towards normality - more "don'ts" than "do's".  xx

  • Hi Edwardo, I've had 2 punctured lungs, requiring chest drains, then I had a pleurectomy done , if this is the same thing, and yes defo " ouch bloody ouch " xx Sonia xx

  • Hello Sonia, how long ago, how far apart, how have you coped since??? Having been rejected for surgery I feel somewhat exposed. 

    Ed xx

  • It was approx 10 yrs ago now, i had a spontaneous pneumothorax chest drain in for 10 days , took out , went home, went back a week later to ave it checked and it had gone again, so had it redone ( convinced it was their fault for not xraying me when they took the first pipe out ) then I was told cuz it happened twice in a month I had to have the pleurectomy.  I still get niggles and pains and it scares me sometimes it's gone again but,  fingers crossed its been ok up till now.  Xx Sonia xx

  • Oooo that does sound painful! Can I ask how it happened? I mean was it something that you were doing that caused it, or was it 'spontaneous', with no known cause? I'm only asking 'cos I'm a coward and would like to know how to avoid it happening, if possible. Good to hear that feeling ok now but do take care.

  • Hi Edwardo ,  I had a hole in my lung in November 2014.  I was on a flight to Cape Town visiting family and my left lung collapsed.  They inflated it when I got there but due to the hole it collapsed again.  I then had a pleurectomy.  I was given an inhaler called onbrez and spiriva.  I was already on ventolin.  I have severe copd. 

    I have been fine since my return just lost confidence and feel down often but this is all mental and not physical.  I smoked for nearly 40 years.  I believe that as long as you don't smoke, exercise and eat well all will be fine.  I even flew to Madrid last year.  So you should be fine.  Hope this helps but if you have any questions at all just ask.

    Love Moi 

    x x x

  • Thanks a bunch Moi, your post is a shot in the arm plus.The demon "ignorance" is my/our greatest disadvantage(?). The medics seem not to know the how or the why. I've had conflicting responses to, will it happen again? From "hardly likely" to "oh yes". But your experience has shone a welcomed light. A question: presumably Physio outlined your recoup regime, did you follow it assiduously? 

    Thank you again Moi. xxx

  • No problem Edwardo.  I did see a consultant when I got back he would not do a cat scan but said X Ray's were fine and following breathing tests said I was ok.  I have just gone to the gym myself and do light weights, walk for a mile on the treadmill and bike and swim minimum of 3 times a week. He did not need to see me again and referred me back to my own go.   I am due to have check up in June with respiratory nurse but feel I should go sooner just for my own benefit.  I am doing ok but not sure whether my breathing is worse or not.  Also not sure if ignorance is bliss!  Everyone on here advises knowledge is the key.  My COPD is more of a problem than the lung op but will keep you updated.  Moi X X x

  • Congrats Moi tremendous and, for me, very uplifting. A caveat: anno domini is obviously a consideration in all of this and I would hazard that we are not in the same group. I am on the cusp of 83.

    Thank you so much and please let us keep in touch.

    Regards Ed xxx 

  • Will do and let us know how you get on.  I am 63 and depending on what day it is feel fine.  We need to keep positive .  Keep well and keep in touch.  Moi x x x

  • Hello Magpuss. No one seems to have the answer to how or why it happened. I've asked the question of several medicos but none came back with a definitive answer. I won't give up trying to find the answer and if I discover the cause I'll let you know. Thanks for your kind wishes. x

  • Good morning Edwardo,

    I have not had your experience and it sounds like you have had a bad time of it.  I hope it's not too long in healing, and in the meantime, sending you good wishes.


  • Thanks Jennifer, beginning to look as if I'm in an exclusive minority! x

  • No not necessarily, it is Sunday and some will be busy with their families, gardens, dozing with the papers, or cooking Sunday Dinner.....oh lovely long lost memories of rich gravy and yorkshire pudding.

    I do have a tip for you though - when you write your post make sure to click on "Community"  so your post will be locked in to HU, to keep it quiet from the rest of the world.  Some may be wary of responding in case their messages get transported.

    Give it time


  • Nice posting J, excellent nostalgia and useful tip. I had nominated BLF as my intended destination. x

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