waking up choking & breathless

OMG what a morning I had 6.30 am WOKE up choking on phlegm could not catch me breath or even walk due to breathlessness.

Horrific was .. MUST been big spider as that's what they say YOU at least swallow one two of a night.

How true that is .. I don't know BUT this was nothing nice about waking up choking FEW hot sweats coughing fits later I coughed some phlegm up and it was like super glue HORRENDOUS was.

I don't know how I never emended up in A&E guess weekend had a lot to do with it.

But it as left me weak cold feverish BUT what I did notice other day was a sore throat SO I guess it might been infection trying it on.

I woke up as shocked as guy in video :o

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  • Hope you're feeling better

  • Hope u feel better now xx

  • That is not nice Jeff, waking up choking is horrible. Pete is like that sometimes and i have to get up with him and sort his ventolin out. It is quite scary to see him like that but he is not feverish in any way. I hope you can get to the bottom of it all and feel better soon.

    Love the cartoon as just like our Tessa, apart from the baseball bat that is.

    Take care. xxxx

  • Great cartoon!  Hope you are feeling better and DON'T even think about those *spiders* yuk, yuk ,yuk 😖

    Tee x

  • Oh dear ! Not a nice way to start the day. I recommend a sofa day, wrapped up in a duvet while having loads of hot toddies.

  • Hi Jeff, how horrible for u, choking on anything, phlegm or spider 😂😂, hope u feel better soon xx Sonia xx

  • On the one occasion when something similar happened to me it was caused by me inhaling reflux. I felt as if I was choking, my throat was burning as if it was on fire and I couldn't cough anything up to get rid of it. I felt dreadful the following day and my throat was really sore, I thought I was coming down with something but I was alright once I managed to cough up the gunk, - hope you will be, too. Love the Simons cat cartoons.

  • Same here. I woke up from a deep sleep one night, gasping for breath, with a sicky taste in the back of my mouth. I felt like I had a beachball sized lump of air stuck in my chest/throat and every time I breathed, I coughed and then forced a burp to relieve the pressure in my chest. It was about half an hour before I stopped thinking I was dying. No doubt I'd choked on something in my sleep, probably stomach acid. After that, I had terrible reflux that plagued me for months so it confirmed that was what choked me in the night. So scary.

  • Gosh made me laugh Jeaniexx

  • Sorry cat made me laugh mean to/say gosh hope you feeling better Jeanie

  • Hope you are feeling better now.  Love the cartoon  , thank you for posting 

  • I put this same video on of Simon's cat a few months ago!   If you are a cat lover then watch the rest of them - they are soo funny.  x

  • I'm into Simons cat big time, just love him to bits.

    We all have a good belly laugh when we put him on, if I'm feeling a little fed up well he is my pick me up.

    Soooo yes all cat lovers go to you tube, worth it.

    etch 45 xxx

  • I hope you are feeling better, that is a scary place to be. Thank you for the cartoon..my Mama Kitty all over..the bat part too if she could! Lol 😁

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