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Fev results found is anyone a good FEV detective

Fev results found is anyone a good FEV detective

These are my fev results from last year jan 2015 which I got from docs today after asking  

The specialist ones im trying to get a hold of as they said they dont send then to my docs?!

Cant find recent one from march 2016 but I think the FEV1/VC was 56

And the FEV1/FVC was 80

But i was on oral steroids and antibiotics and a bit under the weather  

Specialist saud it also goes off age weight etc is that right?

So the mild obstruction is anyones guess but apparently the specialist said no copd

Again many thanks to everyone for their help  

Now and good sherlocks out their thst can decipher it?? 😳

Ps cant rotate image for sone reason sorry??

Have a great day all and many thanks. 

Take care n toodle oooo

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Forfot to say age now 42 height 5ft9

Weight 11.6st

Dunno if that helps. 

Thanks detectives👍 As docs useless


My FEV1 s 52 and I'm, moderate copd

wish I could I advise you further but it's all new to me and I'm no expert :)


Thanks diesel just confused by the fev results given as told its not fev then look online and it is lol weiiiird


It is calculated based upon the age, weight, height, and gender of the person being tested. I was tested on Monday ☺

Regards Rib 


Cheers Ribvan and everyone for your replies will ask doc at next appointment. Have a evening all


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