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Oxygen therapy & pulse oximetry


Good morning, has anyone who is on oxygen therapy been given a pulse oximeter to monitor  oxygen levels? Ed

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Hi eddyhatter,

my daughter got me a oximeter a few days ago,so still.learning about it,looks like it will help on 02 readings showing what levels you have from time to time.

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Thanjs Brijix for your reply, Ed

Hi Ed

I am not on oxygen but l do like to check my SATs.

I purchased a finger oximeter from Amazon about £20,

It reads your pulse and O2 levels.

They are very good.


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Thanks Velvet55 for replying Ed

Hi, I'm not on oxygen but I have an oximeter that I use if I feel an infection coming on or if I have an exacerbation. 

If you type in oximeters in the search bar you'll see posts of this subject as its been discussed before. 

Take care 🌷

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Thanks Jessy, why didn't I think of that? Doh!  Ed


I wondered if the respiratory nurse issued a pulse oximeter when beginning oxygen therapy. Ed

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Hi Ed, did the nurse give you an oximeter when you started oxygen? If so, you'll find it helps you keep an eye on your pulse rate & o2 levels. 🌻

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No I didn't get given one! Buying one off Amazon.  Thank you all for your advice ;-) Ed

Hi Ed, don't think they give them out on the NHS, but they are pretty cheap to buy online...............don't use it too much though, they can make you paranoid... lol!

Hi Ed, I think you have your answer 😄 I also bought all of mine on amazon, my old pal Rex bit the first one..the second one just stopped working, (yes Tam and MM I did try changing the batteries!😁) I have a new one now

I have heard of people who improved so much that they no longer needed oxygen..😊 huff xxx

I am not on O2 but do have a meter and they are great to confirm how well or not you are.  It also shows pulse but cannot deal with an AF attack at all :( 

Bought one on Ebay recently for £12.99 and it's very good.

Good morning. I have been using one that was given to me for Christmas several years ago Ed. I can always tell when my saturation dips below the safe zone by feel, but usually check on the "pulseox" as I call it, to see just where it is. Everyone should have one that has COPD.


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