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hi every one, does anyone have any information re aspergilla's, not sure about the spelling and what medication they take, I have to take steroid's about every 6weeks and some times antibiotics, I only have to have a day in the garden to start a attack. the hospital seem to dismiss it and just treat the asthma. On the up side do fined that ironing on the steam setting helps, look forward to your replies.      

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  • Good morning jpw,

    I looked it up for I do not know of it either.  It says an in implement for sprinkling Holy Water, but can't be that can it.

    Someone on here will be sure to know.

  • oh dear I have spelt it wrong I tested positive to it, it comes from damp, things in the garden ie compost heaps and air condition mostly in planes it only affects a few people, just had the people in to do some damp in the dinning room so I am hoping that helps,. as because of the work I am really bad at the moment. I will go and find the report and get the right spelling.thankyou

  • Hi jpw1, if you type aspergillus into the search box on the top right of this page there are some answers.

    I am like you, steroids and ABs at regular intervals, and I am wheezing again today and coughing yucky stuff. ...not a happy bunny , especially as I hurt my back weeding the garden and that was only for an hour or two. 

  • thankyou I will.

  • Hi again, if you look on the main British Lung Foundation website, you will find information about aspergillus, there is a helpline you can ring too.

    I tested negative for aspergillus....has your GP not given you any advice on what to do ? Take care 

  • no but I am on a laser trial at the moment and I just have to stay on the same meds to see if it works, thankyou I am checking the web site.x

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