Swings and roundabouts

good morning from a chilly north Scotland with snow forecast for Saturday!! An update on my battles with the Bronchiectasis, touch wood, the daily Azithromycin that was prescribed a couple of weeks ago really has helped prevent recurrence of infection, plus my wearing a dust mask when dealing with certain things (woodburner for instance) My life is suddenly going to have major changes in the next few days, my long time partner Christine had a fall resulting in a broken wrist and broken hip, she is still in hospital, a 100 miles away which doesn't help me, and not coping with the trauma very well at all, from being an active woman to being semi invalid is a nightmare to her, my worry is when she gets home.......... our house is a tiny old croft house, limited space, Christine all 6" 1" of her wielding a walking frame............ omg. Hopefully the NHS will help, but so far I am totally in the dark..

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Good morning davymac,

I'd swap houses with you in a heartbeat if things were different. From what I know of support in Scotland, you will get much more help from the Services up there than you would here, so try not to worry. It will all turn out fine I am sure, and I wish you both all the very best.

Hi daveymac, good to hear infections are now kept at bay, sorry to hear about your partner hope she has a speedy recovery trick is to remain positive and help each other  as best as you can. Best wishes to you both debs xx

Oh dear daveymac, you seem to have your fair share of problems this week. 😳Sorry to hear about Christine & hope her injuries heal well.🤒  She'll need to be patient & I'm sure you'll both adapt to doing things slower or in a different way to compensate for her being unable to move about freely. 🤔

I'm glad your lung condition seems to be improving after your infection. Hope you both get well soon 🌷

Sorry to hear about your partners accident but try not to worry, it won't change anything for the better, it'll just bring you down. Best advice - a positive attitude, a good sense of humour (absolutely essential), plenty of patience and love. Hope everything goes well for both of you.

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