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Hi, I was diagnosed with copd a couple of years ago, manageable at the moment though get breathless walking uphill.   Main problem at the moment is the pain from sinus build-up in the night, first thing my face, teeth, eyes, and head ache so badly.  I use the salt rinses and nasal sprays, try and avoid dairy and sugar, sleep with head raised.   Any other tips would be appreciated very much!

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You have probably been down the menthol crystal route and the mustard and towel routine first I expect. I wish I could advise you of some magic potion.  Hopefully someone with more knowledge will be here shortly to help.

I have a Flixonase spray on prescription which I used to use during an attack as you describe but now use it daily which helps keep it at bay. It is Aqueous fluticasosone propionate. Sure others will say what works for them. I used to get toothache even though I only have dentures. Good luck.  . Joyce

Thank you!

Hello - I find otrivine nasal spray useful.  Just a thought do you think you have a sinus infection - it might be worth a visit to the doctor?  Sometimes I use a little Vicks actually in my face around eyes etc but be careful I once got it in my eye!! Love TAD xx


i use sinus lavage... heard about it a couple of years ago and once you get the hang of it..its just a a couple of minutes to do at bed time..i haven't had a bad bout of sinusitis since i started using it  and if you shop around and google you can do it quite  cheaply eg make your own salt solutions etc..hope it helps for you if you do try it

Look up acupressure points to alleviate sinus pain. 

An acupuncturist once showed me where they are and it's been brilliant over the years to relieve the pressure.

You could also look up a picture of the skull, you'll see huge cavities in your forehead and cheeks. Mine were completely full of solidified yuk for years. If it's there and can't escape - in my case very tiny nasal passages - it doesn't go anywhere & the pressure builds up. I was treated for migraine for years before finally seeing an ENT specialist, I saw the scans. Interesting, had a little op. Now use the prescribed nasal spray mentioned above morning & night. Very rarely have pain now & if I feel the pressure building I do the acupressure. P

Hi saramic, I do sympathise.  I have suffered for the past 35 years with these problems.  I use what you use but if my sinuses are blocked I use menthol crystals.  They are very cheap, buy from the chemist.  They dissolve in very hot water creating mental steam.  I cover my head and the bowl with the menthol in and breath.  Be aware they are very strong so do not use more than a sliver or two of crystal.  At first you will think, oh that is too strong, but wait one half minute and then cover your head and bowl with towel.  It will clear your head, you can do this three or four times per day.  Unfortunately the initial feeling of clear head does not last but persevere and keep going, it may take days to clear depending on how bad you are in the first place.  When you sinuses are unblocked then use the Sterimar sinus cleaner and you should feel a whole lot better.  Good luck and take care Maximonkey

Unfortunately we are caught between a rock and a hard place with this our Medications on the lists of side effects  all seem to exacerbate sinusitis.  The face/ear/tooth ache pains are a real joy, I also am on flixonase which does I think cut down the number of attacks I have  but all the other things you do help the most when I have an session of it.

I use sterimar nasal saline spray on orwscription but also available from chemist and neilmed sinus rinse twice a day which you can get from chemist or ebay. 

Thank you all, some very interesting points and ideas to try, take care.

Ah, this might explain why I've been plagued with unbelievable headaches recently, it's not the blood thinning tabs but sinus pain instead. I even got my haematologist to change me from Rivaroxaban to Apixaban as we thought that was the cause but maybe not. And I'm still getting the headaches and not a Migraine sufferer either, in fact I never get headaches as a rule. Will mention it to my consultant when I see her next. So glad I popped in today to read this :)  Thank you all for your input on this thread x

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