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Greetings from me after a six month break here  I read still read here occasionally.   After losing a dear sister to suicide this time last year my 84 year old mum worsened in health and died on Xmas day with family around   I include my last sketch and poem of her   My own health remains relatively stable. The fatigue seems worse, but when does it not?, Other life in general challenges seem insurmountable as a whole nowadays, but every day brings new wonder   Cheers   



Here is the one who created the original images in us all:

Images of safety and garden,

The long, loving gaze.


Persistent, serene,

Embedded in every bone -

When the blessing of her moment arrives

There is nothing but the familiar comfort and repose.


As familiar as the heart that beats

With the heart that beats

Within you

In the quiet neighbourhood -

The occasional bird singing within the secret green

Out there.


Familiar as the forever mother sound

Of her calling you to some joyful task she could never have forgotten you for.

Familiar as the book she silent-mind approves,

And the talk along the petal strewn way

Of ancient paths that spring afresh toward her intelligent present -

As magically and naturally as her smile from within.


Her image would so quickly infect and grasp the child beside the bed

Held in hand.

So quickly the moment of her face and kind regard

Would beat the wings of a new friend’s mind,

Or steady and cool a man’s aching confusion and toil.


To her offspring girls she always belonged,

Giving moment upon moment the renewal of love;

She the central earth of their unworldly bevvy,

Dishing instruction,wishing fulfillment.

Her tears their defining moments,

Her laughter their final say.


Here is the one whose own image is as graven to our hearts

As any type of moon shard shadow is to any type of stone.


That last night...

You couldn’t snap a twig but it was silent reaching for her.


And there was no difference between her image and the full-knowing moon

Over that free, saturated landscape of home.

Travelling and discovering now as earth travels and discovers:

Love; simply no longer bound.



Where flies the blue spirit bird now?

Into some great hold of ‘mother’

That breaches every law and cosmic edge,

Circling infinity, seeking each child for more...

More beginning, more ending?


Ah, we see you by the shores!













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So sorry you have had such a bad year , but a lovely tribute  in your sketch and poem 

Take care 



Cheers Dorothy. 


Sorry to read of the loss of your sister and dear mum. The sketch is wonderful as are the words..

Bless you Bernard. Take care. Xxx 


Thanks And hugs


Bernard, my condolences to you on the loss of your dear Mum & sister. Life has been hard for you recently. What a wonderful drawing & poem, a fit tribute to your Mum. Keep well & take care 🌻

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Thank you


So sorry for your recent losses it's a lot to cope with but lovely tribute to your mum I did a poem for my mum when she passed it felt good to have it all down in words bless you debs xx


Yes Debs and its good for a keepsake. 


Hi Bernard, it's good to see you back. So sorry  you've had such a rough time, losing your sister and your mum. I hope things are looking up for you now.  The sketch you've done is very good, do you do a lot of drawing? and the verse you've written is beautiful, very moving and emotional, it says what we all feel. 

I hope your health continues to be as good as it can be. 

Take care, 


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Thanks Christine.  No,  I don't do a lot of drawing.  


Hello Bernard; grim time for you. So sorry you lost your mum & sister. How beautifully your poem & drawing expresses your love for her.  Take care Margaret x


How nice.  Good to see you Margaret. 


Bernardbreather so sorry for your losses I love your poem best wishes x


You too Titchy 52!

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HI I am so sorry for the loss of your sister then your mum.   Lovely sketch and poem.  x


Also lost home and partner and kids (amicable but terribacle!)


Good to see you Coughalot. 


Sorry for your loss of your sister and dear mum, both sketch and poem are a tribute.

Well come back, take care.

Lynne x 🌹 x 


Oh hi Lynne! Thank you!


So sorry for your losses,  Bernard.  What a terrible year for you. The sketch and the poem , are lovely. Such a special tribute to your mom. May she rest in piece. Are you all alone now? Good to hear your condition is stable.                      Rubyxx 😊


Hiya Ruby. I live in a small town and a friend who rents a house here but travels mostly as a bushfire fighter has allowed me to share.  My earlie two kids live on the farm next door 1 km away.  It's worked out quite we'll.  Here is a fun video I did with my boys down the road while collecting guavas.

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Lovely, fun-filled video!  (Think the little one needs a new bike, bless him!!)

Beautiful tribute to your mum and a talented sketch.

I hope things improve for you.

Tee x


Thanks Tee.  It's his birthday on April 21 and will consider your advice about the bike.  That one he is on is called a balance bike. They purposefully don't make them with peddles.  

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Thought so - he certainly doesn't need them!  What a very special guava collecting expedition! The scene in the woods at the end is pure magic. Thankyou.


Great video!  Have to agree, time for a new bike.  Hope better days are in store for you.😊 Rubyxx 😊


A sketch done with love, holding the moment.  A poem from deep in the heart. What beautiful tributes, two links in the chain tested, but not broken, and now by your words stronger as ever.

I'm moved.

Thankyou for posting

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I’m so sorry for your losses. tbeth

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It really has been a sad time for you Bernard. I`m so glad the children are still near enough to gladden your heart. Stay well , Sheila xx

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So sweet. Thank you


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