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Thank you

Thank you all for your replys I do have 1or 2things put in my way on getting the weight off I have copd I have ashma I know these are things that do not stop me from walking I do walk every were but so out of breath I also have 2knee replacements as for eating I have tryed just about every thing I did smoke for over 35 years some times 80cigs a day (I was on 24hr call out ) some time 18 hour a day  and now I do not smoke not even a Ecig  I have tryed weight watchers and now I am a house husband  I do do things to get out when I can but as I say it's the weight  take care ED  x 

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Hi reply to your last post was I bit light harted...I hope you saw that...

I did say you was like me and now I know ...your very much like me.

I know how hard it is for you and it's not my thing to praise adults ...but you have done really well to stop smoking. ..

We have talked about putting weight on before and it was said that medication had a lot to do with it...and i was pleased with i kepted telling my wife ..what can I do?...I have to take it😢

15 kilos latter I had to face the 83 kilos and if I don't take control with my eating am going to blow up.

Maybe tomorrow. ..I will cut back on something. 

Hope you will too.



Re your knee replacements - do they affect your walking?  I am interested because I am waiting for my operation & thought it would improve my mobility - were hour knees worse after the operations?


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