Does anyone know how to contact  "Tippytoes" apart from this forum???

This day one of our "Family" posted a goodbye notice and there are many who are very concerned by this.

If you can help please send a reply to this post and hopefully some action can be taken.

Tippytoes  If you are reading my post  PLEASE, PLEASE, send a reply so that we know you are safe.

Please treat his matter with great urgency

Will (Australia)

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  • Hi Will, have you tried contacting HU directly to express your concern....maybe they can help. 

  • Thanks Knitter

    I will try


  • I think two of our 'family' may be feeling quite desperate.  I am concerned about Brooke too.  Her post seems to have been a bit overlooked.


  • Thanks Tee

    There must be someway in the system  we can make contact.


  • Probably not for the members, Will, as the 'sign-up' info would be confidential.  I imagine it may be an ethical dilemma for whoever holds that information, though, if it was felt a member was in danger of self harm. It is theoretically possible to make a third party referral, in confidence, but personal details would still have to be passed on.(eg: Samaritans 116 123)

    Let us hope that are OK and get in touch with someone/anyone.

    You're a kind man, Will.

    Tee x

  • Thanks Tee

    I agree the info is and should be a private concern.

    I am praying that contact is made and that the young lady is okay.


  • I agree Tee, Brooke seems to have closed her account after at least two years of being a member here, so she can't be contacted by a pm....hopefully she will reply to Tam privately

  • Hi

    As the account is still active their may responded to a PM.

    Especially if you are a known person and can use true names.

  • G'day Stone

    I do not have the information so I have Emailed HU. Hopefully they can do something


  • Thanks Stone

  • Hi Will, I have checked the details I gave to HealthUnlocked when registering and the only contact details they have is an email address. Possibly more details could be asked for when registering that could help in situations such as this.

    Hopefully there is someone on here who is able to contact tippietoes and give her the help she so desperately needs.



  • Hi as soon as I saw tippitoes post I did send a report to HU who do have her contact details,  saying I was really worried about her and asking if they were able to help at all.   I hope they were able to do something.   I haven't heard back from admin so don't know if they have.  x

  • Thank you

     I have done likewise


  • Will I have been here for quite a long time and I know HU will try and contact the person if they have real concerns as they do have their email address.   They don't read the posts on a regular basis though I think the admin Mrsmummy might. 

    This is why I reported it straightaway so it could be passed to HU.  Otherwise reporting it directly is a good idea too.   They can't force help on a member if they refuse but they can give them links to find help.  

    I too hope Tippietoes is ok as she sounded really down.    Bev x

  • Thanks Bev

    I have already sent an email to HU, let's hope there is some good news.

    Tippytoes post of one month ago,which I read yesterday, was more than disturbing.

    Thanks for getting involved, she obviously needs help.


  • Thanks to both burraboy & coughalot for your kind actions (I didn't realise HU had more details for us - can't remember what details I gave when joining).  xx

  • Thank you Dedalus,

    apparently when we join we are asked to leave an email address, so hopefully  HU has contacted Tippytoes.


  • Fingers crossed Will

  • Hi will,

    I sincerely hope Tippietoes does get in contact, in some way. I agree with you.. the previous post was concerning too.

    Hope your kind efforts pay off Will.

    Lynne x 🌹 x 

  • Thanks Lynne

    Jennifer has mailed me with info that Tippietoes is in hospital,but I cannot find any posting re this.

    Thanks for replying


  • I think it is Brooke who is in hospital, Will.  Tam got an email from her.

    Tee x

  • I agree with you Tee there seems some confusion as "reading on" worryingly there is no update on tippytoes and only Tam's post about the email re Brooke in hospital.....

  • Thanks Tee

    How is Brooke?

    I know you have been concerned for her.

    Still a worry about Tippietoes.


  • Thanks Tee

    I was going bonkers there for a while, thinking there must be a secret site here somewhere,as I searched but could not find anything about Tippietoes being in hospital.

    Still a worry how she is getting on.

    The info you supplied is much appreciated


  • hi its tippietoes touched by your post  im ok but finding it hard to talk please take care as its nice to know there is a [family ] that cares .

  • Great to hear from you love - please know that we are always here to talk.   Best wishes and come back soon.   Take carexxxx

  • G'day Tippietoes

    Glad to find you are okay, your reply will make the sun shine even brighter today for many folk who have been concerned about you.

    Please do not disappear,yes, we are "Family" and family always stick by one another.

    GOD Bless


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