The last of the kittens...Tilly tinker

The last of the kittens...Tilly tinker

Here's pic of the 3rd rescue kitten, I've put tinker on end of her name as the little so and so went out last night ( my disabled son let her out) then she wouldn't come in so he was fretting I promised to get her back in which I did after several exhausting trips to the back door she graced me with her return at 3am! 

Today feel awful coughing up loads of the yucky stuff so looks like chest infection probably time to take back up meds! Debs xx

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  • Junegirl03 wow how beautiful  is Tilly tinker and she knows it X sorry you've caught infection probably going to back door for Tilly tinker rest up and stay cwtched up jg speedy recovery x

  • Oh Debs, hope you feel better soon. Certainly sounds like an infection. Take care of yourself 🌻

  • Thanks Jessy I will debs xx

  • Hi Debs, Tilly is gorgeous!  She looks like she would be a most stubborn kitty. Sorry you're getting infection. Seems to be a lot of that on here. Feel better.😊      Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi rubyred thank you, yes she is mind u she's keeping me company while I'm not well  Laying next to me so all forgiven debs xx

  • Do take those meds and get well soon. Tilly looks cute. Xxx 

  • So sorry to hear that.  Been there done that as my young cat was very difficult to get in at 1 stage.   Now he is grown up if he won't come in he stays out,  but I admit I do fret over him.   Hope you are feeling better very soon.  x

  • Thank you coughalot if only they knew how we worry, she just gave me a look as if to say what's your problem! Debs xx

  • Yes I bet.   When mine was younger me and my sister would go out calling him in all different directions.   We used to have to trick him so we could grab him.  Fortuntely he is quite thick...  xx

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