Hi everyone , been trying so hard as house was driving me nuts it's got so messy while health has gone downhill. So Sunday made it to tesco to pick up meds, got some daffodils to cheer myself up and encourage me to get at least one room completely clean which I did but took me all day!

Today got up sorted my son out and pushed myself to get some fresh air as thought it may help my sob and low bp, as well as cheer my dog holly up as bless her hasn't been walked for couple weeks and it was lovely sunny morning.

Managed 20 min walk few people commented on who was taking who for walk ( def dog taking me) well pulling me along. Got home my son got picked up but carer and I was done it and just got worse as day went on. Cooking simple tea for kids took every bit of energy so so so tired.

And my plan of getting one room done a day well going to have to wait but I get so cross with myself!!!

Tomorrow will be better I tell myself!!

Oh pic is Ben 2nd of the 3 rescue kittens xx

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  • Gosh I think you did well too do what you did. It takes all my strength putting things in dishwasher lol 

  • Thanks newlands, just finding it hard but if I don't cook the dinner no one else to do it so looks like il never get out of that one lol xx

  • You take care 


  • You too Dorothy xx

  • Oh Junegirl, you managed just fine by cleaning a room, taking your dog out & cooking dinner for your family. 👏

    Just don't overdo it! Take care of yourself 🌻

  • Hi Jessy I done tesco and room yesterday today just the dog walk! I know I shouldn't moan but when your stuck all day looking at it house etc going to pot it gets you down. Debs xx

  • Hi Debs, I know what you mean!  In my head I can do all the housework just like I used to, but physically, I know that's impossible now. I'm lucky to have a husband & daughters who do most of it for me but I still like to do what I can. 

    You're doing great, a little at a time. Be kind to yourself, you're doing your best 💐

  • Thank you Jessy for your kind words debs xx

  • one room every other day, cuddling the cat is my stopper, he gets on my lap and there I stay

  • Hi snappy Tia will sit on my lap the other 2 aren't that cuddly but know what you mean when they get on your lap it's just too relaxing to move debs xx

  • I have to do one room a week these days.  Fortunately my husband does the vacuuming in between, and we've also got a robovac which is a source of endless amusement.

  • That made me laugh I think if I had one of those the kittens would be on it! I think your right maybe one room a week is. More realistic debs xx

  • Cats love to ride on them. Someone posted a photo.


  • Junegirl03 I know how u feel it drive's me crazy too it actually makes me feel depressed I hate not being able to clean and do things I used to do with ease the sob and fatigue just stops you but your right there's always another day your rescue cat is beautiful and I'm quessing but the dogs legs I can see are they belonging to a cocker spaniel take care x

  • Hi titchy, the cats and the dog keep me going holly is border collie all be it a tad over weight! She loves other animals but not people had some bad neighbours that tormented her. But yeah it is depressing just can't do any of the jobs I use too xx

  • I'm the same with my pug Mr bear if it wasn't for him I wouldn't make the effort to go out best wishes xxx

  • Lovely photo junegirl. Please don't be so tough on yourself, just rest when you need to and you will get things done in time. It is frustrating but you need to take care.

    Sending hugs. Xxx 

  • Thank you sassy your so kind I guess that's a women thing being tough on yourself the house maybe not up to standard but the animals are fed and watered! Debs xx

  • You did SO well - stop beating yourself up & give yourself a pat on the back for your achievements instead of thinking about what you haven't been able to do.  Don't push yourself too hard - njoy your achievements!  Take care xx

  • Dedalus thank you for that it's so true I should focus on the positive abit more debs xx

  • Hi Debs, I almost missed Ben. He is a handsome boy! I love black cats. All three of your kittys are lovely.😊 I see your doggie in the background.  Does he like the cats? Have a great day.😊               Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi ruby yes holly loves the cats they chase each other round in the garden ( well more of mud swamp) at the moment. She's very good with them her favourite is Tia the smallest  debs xx

  • He's gorgeous!  Hope you are feeling better. 

    Look after yourself.


  • Hi malinka, I'm off to Drs today seem to have chest infection but I'm sure il be on the mend soon, was lucky the appointment was booked week ago as probably wouldn't get in! Debs xx

  • Hello Junegirl03,,,,I know exactly what you mean and exactly what you are trying to do,,,I am just the same,,,,stuff wants doing and I want to do it,,,but cannot get motivated to make a start,,,,and get something done,,,,,decluttering 1 v person 0,,,well there is always tomorrow,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Hi Karen,

    That's true and becoming my favourite saying, the decluttering well thought of it gives me migraine so much paperwork to do with my son and his care invoices I keep thinking tomorrow will be better and il make a start! Debs xx

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