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Health and weight problem

hi all I have beened depressed for 4 years and I have Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficienicy and COPD .Fibromyalgia and other health problems every time I go to the doctors and the hosipital everyone keeps saying lose weight which I do find it very hard to do I cannot walk far as I am always out of breath all the time my legs are in lots of pain and find it hard to move around which everytime they keep saying lose weight I get so upset Help

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Oh dear Angels it must be like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Can they not offer help, maybe a nutritionist? I do feel for you as it seems overwhelming. I hope that you can get help with this. Take care. Xxx 


I am sorry you have been left upset by the people who should be helping you. Ask if you can be booked on a pulmonary rehab course. I am sure someone will be along soon who can give you more information regarding these courses. Unfortunately I didn't finish mine due to overactive thyroid. I can empathise with the depression, it seems to go hand in hand with COPD. This site is brilliant, I'm glad I found it, as I may be alone but not always lonely as I have this site. They are good people on here.

kindest regards.


Angels2810 I've found that the medication doesn't help I put weight on with this new one I've started on muccodyne syrup its so sweet I know it's not easy as u can't exercise maybe a hobby that keeps u busy and not thinking about food best wishes x


It's a really  hard thing to do when you struggle to walk. Do you have inhalers? If you do, do you use it before you try to walk? Don't go mad to start, just go for a couple of minutes if thats all you can manage. If you can only do 10 steps do that for a couple of days then make it 11 steps for a couple of days and carry on like that. I can do more than that but to start with it was really hard. You have to challenge yourself but don't push yourself too far. I found it helps with the depression bit too as you get a sense of achievement for every extra step you do. You will find it easier if you manage to lose even a pound too again you have achieved something really good.

Don't think of it like a massive thing, just take tiny steps (not literally), don't say you need to lose a stone, just a pound, don't say you need to walk a mile just one extra step. You wouldn't make plans for the next 10 years just the next few days so use the same idea with exercise. It is so important for us to exercise but just don't set yourself up to fail, set yourself achievable targets and let us know how you get on.

Good luck love, remember, one step at a time xxxx


I am so sorry you feel so depressed Angels.  I hope you will get some help from your medics.  Good advice from your friends above.



Hi I get that from medical professionals too.  They don't get it do they?   Slightly off track but do you ever watch 'Embarrassing Bodies'?   They showed the slim male doctor putting on a 'fat suit' and trying to exercise.  He found it very difficult and he questioned the advice always given to overweight people to exercise!  

The good news is that the more overweight you are the more calories you use to move around so a little exercise goes a long way.  I agree the way for you to go is PR.   There are exercises online for copd sufferers which might help too.   x


hi everyone thanks so much for all your advice it so nice that people know how I feel its a shame that doctor do not listen once again thanks xx

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I feel for you Angels, I to have some of the same problems as you, also overweight and was told by my Drs to loose some ( easier said than done ). Even my family started to tell me how much weight I was putting on as if I hadn't noticed, all they done was depressed me more so I revelled and ate more, till I was ready , I started with small changes and now eat healthy and have lost three stone and feel better in myself it is not a cure for our ills but maybe for our own self esteem, when you are ready and if you want any help give me a pm I will try and be there for you. Good luck x


thankyou so much Astrel I will thanks xx


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