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Thank's To Everyone That Replied To My Post :

Well I dived in head first and popped my first OMEPRAZOLE stomach tablet .. Within hour of doing so I had killer headache that lasted hole day THEN I had bouts of breathlessness.

But did I know that was nothing to chest back pain I would suffer THOUGHT I was havering Heart Attack.

Anyway I quickly realised I was not "as pain stopped on breathing in"  but still enough to make you sweat.

My second thought was these pills going to cause infection as my chest is bad anyway AND as I am on regular antibiotics for my lung condition.

Then am going end up with pneumonia as my chest breathing was that bad ... that with out bout's funky liver pain.

To finish with I ended up constipated ... I guess I will need something for that SO I have decided to pass on second dose of OMEPRAZOLE.

Thanks for all comments on my previous post cheers n thanks 

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These ta let's disagreed with me so my doctor changed them. I now take Lansoprazole and have had no problems with them.


Hi Ohtwo Cheers I would say same ... think my doctors going to have to change mine.

I take Lansoprazole JAS and Pete takes Esomeprazole so maybe they would be be better. Xxx 


Hi Sassy59 I don't know what's going on .... Did you suffer swats pain fever when eating that's symtoms I had when I was prescribed them.

Reflux I never talked about with my doctor as that was not really issue MINE was more feverish n pain when eating.

Hi JAS I take Lans for hiatus hernia and Pete takes Esom for reflux due to prolonged steroid use. No pain or sweating so needs to be looked at again perhaps. Good luck to you. xxx

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Hi Sassy59 cheers 

I have also taken these capsules for a few yrs and had no problem either, fingers crossed.

Hi Redted Cheers glad the worked for you ... Guess it's going to be trial error see what suits me.

I take these for gastric juices , had no problems yet. Hope u ok

Hi Cheers yer I think it's going to be trial error thing with me .. anyway glad the worked with you 

Hi.......I tried most of the   PPI,s and found the  one that suited me best was 

Esomeprazole daily ...... If my reflux problems get out if hand I take  Ranitidine 

in the evening........I wait at least 2 hours if  I still need  Gaviscon liquid after the last tablet taken ..


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Hi Buzzytruk Am going to see my doctor tomorrow LOT doctors just throw s### at you with out taking on board what your saying to em.

Glad the found one works for you 

I suffered all sorts of stomach problems for a number of years.  At my wit's end I asked my GP if I could have H. Pylori.  which is an infection  in the lining of the stomach. Treated with two antibiotics and a PPI.

It's a common infection and in most cases does not cause problems.  There are various tests for this , but if taking a PPI  will probably give a false negative result. This bacteria does not like Manuka honey or mastic gum. Which I take now and then  !.

My reflux is now due to being a little over weight.

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Hi Cheers Buzzytruk yer heard of that poly stuff .. Did do test was all clear might give that honey ago tho 

Cheers thanks 

Esamaprazole is to protect your stomach from the damage done by all your other meds. It will HELP you avoid a lot of heartburn, reflux and acid production, which will in turn help with your chest condition.

If you feel this brand doesn't suit you, try one of the others suggested but remember they are all much of a muchness with the same ingredients doing the same job. Just one dose would not give you all the symptoms you describe just like that.

If you want to help your health and especially your lungs, you've got to work with your doctors and the meds available. Sorry for the straight answer but I'm stuck here in hospital for the second time in four months, going through quite a bit of pain and sob etc. but I'm working my b*** off to try and help myself. Please don't let yourself get to the stage where it will get harder and harder to cure exacerbations and you start running into serious problems with resistance and treatment.

Harness the health you have left and work with the resources available to you. You'd never know, it might just work better then disagreeing with everything your doctors say and giving up medicines without giving them a fair trial. It's your choice isn't it ?


Hi Billiejean2 Sorry to hear your stuck in hospital .. Generally I do work with my doctors BUT I do think the should take in what you say's up with you befour prescribing out.

I went to doc's not suffering reflux as such but pain and fever when eating MY doctor did not even examine me just threw some reflux pills at me.

Is it any wonder the never worked ... I thought meds are apost to make you better not worse.

Anyway thanks for reply hope your out soon and better cheers thanks   


You're very tolerant Daz and I fully understand that what you do is none of my business. But you know what, I've always enjoyed your sense of humour and liked your easygoing ways and would hate to see you slip into a more chronic stage of illness that would make your life extremely difficult. I don't know what age you are but I think of you as youngish middle aged with lots and lots of years ahead of you yet. Now while you still have strength and resilience, is the time to slam that lung disease against the wall and show it who's boss. 

Thanks for your good wishes and for being polite enough not to call me a cranky old busybody. And look after yourself !!!!!

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Hi Billiejean2 Your to kind really .. Loved young easy going lol forgot middle aged bit :) 

Memory problems lol

Defo agree about trying to stay active positive TIRES you out tho geting back on the horse ... If it's not one thing ITs half dozen of other .. Thanks for comments and hope y'all soon be out on mend.

Cheers thanks 

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Thinking of you BJ and sending you lots of healing vibes.  Take care.  bev xx

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Wishing you well as always BJ. xxxxxx

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I second everything Billiejean has said, you won't get anywhere being totally critical and negative, give yourself and the Drs a chance!

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