No doubt regular exercises are beneficial for people like us with COPD. Whenever I see an article on regular exercises, they seem to me to be more suitable for when I was in the army. I also got myself a pedometer, and was amazed at the number of steps I take just moving around the house.

I found this site which I think is helpful for more elderly people, and those who can't get around much.



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Thankyou for your humorous letter and really helpful link.  I've had a disc for a few years now.... Pilates for over fifties people and it is good but they take the exercises a bit too slowly the dialogue seems to be aimed at people who are a bit er slow on the uptake. I enjoyed my PR much more...what a shame we can only go once unless you beg and plead.

Hi Jennifer

I've posted elsewhere on this site about the exercise group our PR members started up so there was somewhere sympathetic for people with breathing problems to go, instead of the gym which many of us hated for various reasons

Basically, we use the home exercises given at PR

Hope you are OK

Hello again lynnekay,

Where will I be likely to find these Groups please? Sounds right up my street.


Try your local Breathe Easy group - there should be one in every town and this would give a faster result, than waiting to ask the PR physio when you're there.  When I had PR, the physio gave us a long list of activities that would be suitable for us

OR start up your own group as we did, and got help from Breathe Easy - we're now part of the local BE group

Thankyou - I am not exactly in the sticks and was surprised to find that my nearest groups are 17- 20 miles away.  Impossible for me to access sadly.

I'm going to buy a new pilates disc to supplement the one I have already, for a bit of variety.

We have an arrangement with our local CVS (Community Voluntary Service) who will transport people to Breathe Easy for a small sum. May be worth finding out if yours has a transport scheme which might help you

I could but the surgery has already commented on how I am strong and a good walker so I don't think I would qualify for a 17 mile away journey.  I will mention it next time I go so thankyou very much. 


Hi Jennifer,I do the over 60's sit down exersise class,ours is at the same leasure centre as PR and follow up gym ,so it's handy, have to say even though these are sit down exersises ,,,,,I was quite stiff and ached the next day ,( different muscle group to what we use at PR ,) but I found them very good ,,,,,have a look on your local council website for imformation,x

Good afternoon Nanny,

I will certainly look into it tomorrow.  I was just trying to think how I found out I had copd and remembered it was because I had started to feel sob, and guessed it was down to smoking although I'd been stopped for about 10 years at the time and I just thought it would help my whole body to do water aerobics,  but our local pool said I could not do it without a note of clearance from my doctor.  I was highly indignant at the time but the ball was rolling - x rays, spiro testing etc - I never got to do water aerobics but I did go on a PR course and loved it. Now I would hesitate before asking to go in the water, because of being open to infections from others.


Hi Jennifer ,,,, I found out when I was blue lighted into hospital with an asthma attack back in 1992, consultant asked if I smoked ,,,yes I said ,,wrong answer he replied next one will kill you ,,," ,of course I knew it wouldn't " but it was enough for me to stop ,I have always kept a diary and 1 year before going into hospital to the day ,I had written " must stop these fags they're killing me " ,,,,,,I have to say the care I've received by nurses doctors consultants and COPD team have been first class ,I must be one of the lucky ones ,I'm usually taken into Stafford hospital,,,,the one where all the controversy started ,,,,,but I've always had great care with no complaints ,again I've been lucky ,as I know some people have lost loved ones at that hospital,,,,,,sometimes I think it comes down with how you treat people your self ,,,,if you treat people with the respect they deserve they will be respectful to you ,,,,I've seen some people sooo aggressive to staff,,,,they have a lot to put up with ,,,,crying out for a nurse 5 minutes after they've  been outside for a cigarette,

I can't swim, but like you I'd be a bit wary of all the bugs that are left behind in the pool ,,lovely talking to you Jennifer,take care xx 

Thankyou for telling me that Nanny - sometimes someone comes along out of the blue and sets you on the right course.

You are being well looked after and what more can you ask.  Been fine having our chat for me too, and the sun is still shining - I did mean to work in the greenhouse but fell asleep -there is always tomorrow!



Jennifer-S I couldn't agree with more I think everyone goes at their own pace and how far along your copd is x

Hello Titchy - we really do have to look out for and look after ourselves don't we. At least we are in good hands...heh heh


Hi Jennifer ,I must be one of the lucky ones ,our PR is held at our local public  leasure centre ,and the the gym is the room opposite ,so I can give a wave to the nurses each time I go to the gym ,,,,and I can pop in if I have any questions or problems ,,,,on a number of occasions they've told me to join them instead of going in the gym ,,,,yes it's after I've been ill ,,,,but they've never said no ,,,,in fact after illness it's usually them who suggest I either do the course again or just a 4weekmtop up to get me back into exersise again ,

Hello Nanny - yes indeed you really are lucky. You have great support both on and off the pitch!!...HU and your Gym.


Hi Jennifer would you be able to do Yoga you just take at your own pace.   I go to Yoga class once a week I don't have breathing problems .I have arthritis and go at my own pace find it good for well being too 


I used to go to yoga twice a week before I went into my own business in '85 jojeannie, and loved it.   I was a great joiner at one time - you name it and I joined at the drop of a hat! I may have to start from scratch again now.  Thankyou so much for your suggestion.


Hi Jen,I have done two PRs. And currently on a maintainance course of PR.Might be worth asking if your area has one.I agree they are great.D.

Sorry Tamarika,my answer is also for you, we get carried away talking to known members sometimes,not being rude!D.

Thankyou FarmerD, I will ask again.  You know when you have done one how good you feel and then when you ask about going again you are made to feel you are asking to take someone else's place.  I enjoyed the company at the course as well as the feeling that it was helping tremendously. The Instructors are great too.

Hi Jen,I know what you mean,but we as entitled to any course as any one else.I find one has to look out for number one and grab what we can.Not every body cares about fairness.One of my PRs some were nipping out for a smoke at half time,I was shocked,they thought it funny.I know how hard it is to give up stuff but some just take the pee.Don,t ever feel guilty about looking out for your own health ,go for it!D.

Thanks FarmerD.  Sound advice and I will try to follow. Trouble is I worry over everything - I know I am an idiot.  I worry if I see a child walking in the street and not holding on to a parents hand.  I worry if I see someone up a ladder and feel I should hold it.  I'm an idiot.

Caring does,nt make you an idiot,far from it.If more cared the world would not be in the nasty state it is.But you must care about yourself too.Please feel free to message me if you think I can help with anything,I care about you.David. 🌺

Good morning David,

Thankyou for your lovely response, you are a caring Gentleman and much appreciated.


It is good to be mobile and do what you can. Thanks for the link. Xxx 

Apparently the top recommendations for helping a person with COPD, as well as the prescribed meds,  are to stop smoking, and exercise.  My consultant told me that

Well done and, also think about the sort of exercise that mic has tried out such as Qigong. It's gentle but is extremely powerful in its delivery. 

There are some videos on YouTube that show Qigong exercises.

Can't exercise on land so I go in the swimming pool water takes the weight of your body, the problem I have is getting dressed after.

There must be a beach somewhere in England that allows skinny dipping, problem solved:))

lol its not often I come out with all my cloths on to much like hard work.

I walk during my lunch hour, gradually increasing the distance and adding bridges. It's done me a power of good but my recent chest infection has put me right back and having to start again but hey ho! it's still good to be able to do it :)

Yes it is and the best thing is that you know what you are doing and how to do it. So good for you, I hope you keep on getting better after your nasty infection.


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