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Hi I have Pulmonary Fibrosis and I am looking at the following portable concentrators

Equinox, eclipse 5 autosat and iGo. If anyone has one of these and could let me know

the god and bad points.  I have also been told that I need continuous flow but I have spoken

to people who Pulmonary Fibrosis who have a portable concentrator and use pulse flow. 

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  • Hi

    I would take advice from your respitory nurse on the delivery system suited to you rather than what other people use.

    They will also advice on suitable equipment, the ones you have mentioned are available free on NHS. 

    Speak to your respitory nurse to see what is available through your oxygen provider.

    Liquid oxygen may be a better solution.

  • Hi

    After having the condition for a number of years I am trying to find away of going back to work so just looking a all options and have found advise  from the very helpful. if you have a portable unit frim them they take away everything else you have.

  • I was issued a Equinox unit about 2 weeks ago and find it works quite well.  The supplier of my oxygen feels it is the best unit of its type. I find it supplies the needed oxygen quite well but at my 4ml usage rate the battery lasts only about 3 hours and the unit seems noisy to me.  I only use the portable unit when i am away from home so find it OK.  The advice of your pulmonary care person would guide my decision if I had options.

  • Hi i get portable cylinders  CD's to ude awsy from home u dhould nit have yo pay usethem

  • Thanks for your reply I am using cylinders now but I wan to go back to work so I looking to see if I can find something that will last longer then a cylinder.

  • Thanks for your reply I thought this unit only went up to 3ml.  Do you have two units one you use at home and separate portable unit. 

  • I have a rather large concentrator that I use at home and is a constant flow. The new unit will go only to 4ml so not sure what happens if I need more. They advertise 8 hours at 2ml but still not a full work day. The unit has cords to charge from the wall or car so maybe just tether to a outlet of some type or carry a spare battery.

  • Thank again for your reply what make is the portable unit as this is the first one I heard of that gives 4 ml

  • Back to you after checking my booklet.  My unit is shown as a Phillips Simply Go mini Concentrator. The settings for volume is 1-5 which the provider says is the milliliters which I use at 4ml. I might note that the number is not specifically called the milliliters delivered but is the way mine is set. NOTE that there is a caution that DC charging does not work at the 4 setting so when in a vehicle I would need to adjust to 3ml during Charge.  The provider says that 8 hours is rated for 2ml but only about 3 hours at 4ml. the handbook is not this concise so i hope this helps you.

  • Hi sorry  samsung  playing up ..if u have been  given o2 by nhs u should be able to get portable o2 cylinders  i get cd's u can get a consver to make them last longer ask  your supplier who u have to get to write the script for them u should not have to buy ...good luck 

  • Thank you.  I had been using portable cylinders the last couple years and was wanting to try the portable unit.  Previous was paid through the VA  (Veterans Administration) and they will not do the portable units.  Now we are going through Medicare and retired military and I can have the portable unit. the unit can be recharged in the car or in a wall outlet so I will learn to work with it. I never thought my life would be 24/7 oxygen but it is a life.

    Best Wishes

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply I am using cylinders but I want to try to go back to work so looking for something that will last longer. 

  •    I have a portable unit it is a Phillips simply go, so can't really comment on the ones you listed. I do find that at 6 lpm on the move the battery dos'nt last long and the cylinders are more useful.  I had a conserver fitted for my cylinders and although the rep nurse said I was a mouth breather I soon adapted to using the nose breathing method for the pulse flow.  At rest I am on 2 lpm and it is a bummer being on oxygen, but the alternative is a bit drastic. :-)

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