Thinking of you all

Thinking of you all

Just popped in to say Hi and that I often think of you all even though it's been a while since I've posted anything.  I hope you're all keeping as well as you can and looking forward to the summer months ahead (except for those down under) lol and also assuming we get a summer. lol

It's two years now since I lost Brian and you were all so very supportive.

I'm still playing with my camera, which has been my saviour and given me something to focus on...if you pardon the pun. lol

Here's a pic for you all...I've been playing with ladybirds.

Wishing you a breatheasy weekend.

Lots of Love

Lyn xxxxxxxx

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Jolyn I'm quite new on this site but your very talented your picture is amazing x

Thank you so much Titchy, it's very nice to meet you. I hope you're keeping well. x

I'm good thanks sun's out been for walk witht bear so we,ve had our exercise what more could you ask for hope your well, and we hear more from you best wishes Kathy X

Well good for you Kathy, the sun always lifts your spirits doesn't it and a nice walk is good for you. Have a lovely weekend. xxx

Lovely to see you again - and what a wonderful photo.  Anniversaries are so difficult.

Thank you Pentreath and it's lovely to see you again too. How are you...keeping well I hope.  Yes, the second anniversary seemed harder this time but it came and went and I feel more relaxed now is passed. :-)

Not a good winter but much better now; thanks for asking.  Am away from home for an unknown period of time because of a mine shaft under my house that is being sorted out.  Trying to treat it as a kind of holiday but I saw a clip on a programme about Cornwall and wished I was home.

The Winter can be hard can't it. Good heavens...a mine shaft under the house. Well I hope it's all sorted soon for you and you can go back home :)

Hi Lynn good to hear from you and that your doing well keeping yourself busy with camera. Take care tam

Hiya Tam, its good to hear from you too, I hope you're doing ok.  Are you still getting any snow up there.  We've had none this year...again.  I'm gutted. lol I really wanted to get some snowy shots. Oh well, maybe next year.  :-)

Hi Lynn we've had some snow this year not to much in the cits was mainly in country there was loads but had plenty rain and very cold weather 

Oh well, we've had plenty of rain too.  Roll on Summer. lol

Hi Lyn, great to see you again. It is nice to be able to do such wonderful creative photography, good for you.

Sending love and hugs to you and do keep in touch.

Carole xxx 

Hiya Carol, it's good to see you too, are you keeping well?  Yep, the photography has been my saviour.  The female swan is nesting over the lake so it's baby fluff time next month.  I'll be taking my packed lunch with me and watching them for hours. lol  Huge hugs back at you. xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Jolyn, I have been wondering about your swans , I loved the photos of them. There have been lots of ladybirds around this year .

Hiya Knitter...I do hope you're keeping well.  Gosh, I didn't realise how much I missed you all.

Yes, the fluffs will arrive next month, I'm so looking forward to it. The ladybirds are everywhere aren't they.  I haven't seen many for a few years, then suddenly, they're all over the place. lol  It's good to speak to you, have a lovely weekend. :-)

Doing ok here thanks Lyn. Hope we get to see photos of the swans when you get round to taking them.

Wishing you well and take care. xxxxxxxx

Yes, I'll post some pics of the swans.  I can't wait now.   I'm glad you're doing ok, take care Carole xxx

Hi Jolyn, what a beautiful photo, I haven't been on here a year yet ( I don't think time passes so quick). looking forward to seeing some of your photos.  :-)  janx

Hi Jan, well sometimes it doesn't pass so quickly, particularly if you're not feeling so good, then it drags. It's good to meet you and I hope you have a lovely weekend. xxxx

Hi Lynn. Lovely to see you & those beautiful photos. Hope you keeping well & will treat us with some more beautiful pictures. I love swans Nan

Hi Nan, how lovely of you to reply. Lovely to see you too. I'm doing ok thanks...I get my wobbly moments.  I hope you're keeping well Nan and yes,  I'll post some pics of the little fluffs as soon as they arrive.  :-)

Good Morning Jolyn. I know what you mean about wobbly moments it's almost 20 yes since our daughter Clare died & We still miss her & get them. I'll look forward to the fluffies. Hope you enjoy your day. Nan

Hi Lyn.                                                              How lovely to see you! You have been so very missed. Would be wonderful to see more of you, and your beautiful photos. Hope you've been well. Amazing how fast two years goes by.      I'm doing well😊 Usual ups and downs.  What a great photo of  the ladybird. Miss you Lyn....😊😊😊                                 Rubyxx 😊

Hiya Ruby, it's so good to see you too, I just had to pop in and see how everyone was.  I don't stop thinking of you all.  Yes, two years since Brian passed away, I miss him so much....sigh. I'm still taking pics and enjoying doing so. I joined Twitter and I'm twitting about all over the place with the other photographers.   It keeps me busy. Lovely to chat too you.  Huge hugs, Lynnie xxxx

Ohhhhh how lovely to hear from you,I have often thought about you and the amazing photos you used to show us.

Ohhhhhhhh Hiya honey bee (running up to give you a big 'ole hug)  Hope you're keeping well, it's lovely to hear from you again. xxx

I am doing ok thank you,its great to have you pop in to see us,because you have been missed.

Ahhhh bless your heart Glenice, it's lovely to speak with you again and I'm glad you're doing ok. :-)

Hey stranger. How lovely to see you on the forum. I hope life is being kind to you and your family x

Your looking fabulous honey x

Weeeeeeeeee...hiya Mand (grinning at you)  I'm good hon thanks...had all my hair chopped off and a new style. I needed a good sort out. lol.  How are you, hope you're keeping well. xxxxx

You look fabulous darling just fabulous !!! ...Im getting my hair chopped off if thats how great you look :)

I dont come on here so much these days but pop on and off to see how people are and im so glad to have seen you today...You have been really missed and members often wonder how you are and your photos are missed too 

Its good to know you are well. x x do make me laugh Mandy.  It's lovely to speak to everyone and know you're all doing well. Warm hugs xxx

Beautiful Jolyn, had I scrolled down further earlier I would have seen this first! Big hug right back at you. Xx

Hi Lyn, i am well thank you, how lovely to hear from you. Really missed you and your lovely photos. I love your new look, you look fab. Love Margaret x

Ahhh thank you's lovely to hear from you too. I'm so glad you're keeping well. I just had to pop in and see how everyone is. Huge hugs. Love Lyn x

Good morning Lyn. Delighted to read your post. Often wondered how you are,can't believe we have both been widows for over 2 years. Wouldn't it be great to hear from Fred, do hope he is ok. Enjoy your wonderful hobby, Very best wishes, Bulpit

Gooooooood morning Bulpit, how lovely to hear from you. I'm not sure how Fred is...he pops up on my FB page when I upload a pic, but I'm not on there much these days. I hope you're keeping well.  Have a lovely Sunday...warm hugs. :)

Hello Lyn, nice picture as always. Glad to hear you kept up the photography after the loss of Brian, hope one day you will start posting again. It is early days yet and memories of loved ones never fade they are there in our hearts. Have a nice day in this beautiful sunshine, look forward to when you return with more photos for us to enjoy. xx

Hi there Katie...lovely of you to reply.  I hope you're keeping well. Yes, it is early days and I still get my wobbly moments.  My camera keeps me going. I'm looking forward to the summer months now.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xxx

I lost my Brian in December 2014.  I couldn't believe how agonising it was at the time but things seem to be getting better  (I hope)  Poorly yesterday with tum. upset.  I slept a lot and in my dreams Brian and were driving around the countryside looking for a pub stop --  just like old times.  Shame to wake up.  Brian still has a FB page, although he never participated but people dropped in.  I do talk to Brian, or at least his photo  - I have a table in his memory opposite me.   Really comforting, Jolyn,to follow this thread.    XX

Ahhh hiya honey, yes I talk to Brians photo too, I tell him where I'm going sometimes. lol  I do hope they don't watch us all the time because he'd think I was nuts.  lol  I've had lots of dreams too, he always looks so young and healthy.  Sometimes it makes me feel emotional when I wake up and other times it gives me a lift.  Life just goes on doesn't it.  I hope your tummy feels better today. xxx

How lovely to hear from you and you are still taking beautiful photos x

Yay...hello Biker...thank good to hear from you, I hope you're doing ok :)  Yes, me and my camera go everywhere together lol.  The little fluffs over the lake should be arriving soon, so I'll be there for that.Thank you for stopping by. xxx

Lovely to hear from you Lyn and thanks for beautiful photo x

Hiya Dedalus, you're very welcome and its lovely to hear from YOU too. xxx

Beautiful picture Jolyon.  Yes, anniversaries can be tough.  You are lucky to have such a

Beautiful picture Jolyon.  You are lucky to have such a lovely, creative hobby.  Anniversaries can be tough - anniversary of death, birthdays, wedding anniversaries. I lost my husband eight years ago and there is still that gap.  Two years is not a long time.  I do enjoy my life as best I can; as the old saying goes life has to go on.  There is quite a lot of comfort in photos which bring back all those good memories. 

I look forward to your swan pictures.



It's nice to meet you Sherry...I think we'll always miss our loved ones.  Life goes on as you say...a different kind of life.  You just have to make the best of it don't you. It's still early days for me ... it still feels like yesterday in fact. But I believe I've come a long way as I expect you have too.

Love Lyn

Hi Lynn its lovely to see you put a post on the site again, I've really missed your input & those lovely pictures you used to post,I'd like to wish you every happiness

                                     Mike 71

Thank you Mike ... same to you.

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